Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sit In The Doc's Waiting Room and What Do You Get?

Sick.  Ever since Thursday I've been dealing with a cough I thought was just the very dry air lately (and possibly something in the new flat working on my mild asthma).  Friday, I was feeling blah, Saturday like lead weights were dragging me back, and today the stomach part starts.  It just didn't occur to me that while there was a guy coughing in the waiting room (same dry cough...) he was dosing us all with the flu.  Thank  goodness the hubby's had his shot months ago.  Me, I'm one of those 'I don't need a flu shot, I'm fine' people who never ever gets it. I'm really hoping it's the short version.  At least Ibuprofen is covering the achy everywhere feeling, but I'm out of it on my feet and wondering what I'm doing in one room from the next.  Time to just let it run it's course.

I'm still working on my sewing (because the fever makes me think I can do things, how's that for a delusion) and will make sure to wash everything before shipping, but it's all being done in fits and starts and with nausea breaks. The fun part is I have an appointment at the doc's office Tuesday.  I didn't know I was ill before I made it, it's just the check up I've been wanting to get for ages.  At which I probably would have gotten the flu shot.  Darn it!


  1. Ugh, feel better soon and take it easy!

    1. I'm doing a great imitation of a zombie. Except the brains thing. Couldn't taste 'em if I had them.


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