Saturday, March 29, 2014

Shakin' in So-Cal

Yeah, we felt that last night.  That was a long 15 seconds if you ask me.  Seemed more like a whole minute.  Scary!  We need to re-think our emergency bug-out plan options.

So, I seem to be over the cold and all the effects what ever the heck that was had on me, and plan on getting back on track with the sewing orders.  I'm getting very frustrated and very down about being so far behind on everything.  We had power outages for two days this week with repairs to the 'infrastructure', and more phone calls.   And yesterday, the Hubby finally got aquatic therapy, only to have a nerve in his left leg freak out and spasm like mad.  It scared the hell out of both of us.  Today, I can joke about him 'being a little kicky', but yeah, they should not have left a stroke patient a month with out the physical therapy.  So it turns out he'll be having this happen after work outs and it's normal.

You don't know how much you depend on someone being there, and doing their share until they can't.  That's the thing that's still getting me off track and over tired.  But I'll find a way to work past it.

EDIT: 2:35 pm or so.  DAMN IT EARTH, STAY STILL when I'm trying to sew!  That aftershock (?) we just had to be about 4.something.  I had to pick out stitches!  *wail*

OMG!  LINK to the earthquake log site. O_O


  1. Wow, that is quite a raft of little tremors! I can see how it would rattle your nerves!

    1. After being in the shower in the 2008 earthquake, I sort of wanted to wait for things to settle down before I got one. Nothing more fun than being buck nekkid soaking wet and blind in the sudden dark during an earthquake. Thank goodness the power was only out for long enough for me to scream in terror. >.<;;


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