Thursday, March 6, 2014


Every day, I get up thinking, yes, I will do this and that, and cover my schedule and get X amount of work done and hours put into sewing.  And every day, I get mail or a phone call that results in frustrating hours of being on hold on the phone (expensive minutes I pay for to keep the business running!) or explaining for what feels like the hundreth time what happened, what our situation is and "What form? I filled out that form!" and finding out something crucial along the way has been lost or changed by the health care act in some god awful random way.

So today they send me to which is California's throw it all in the bin web social service/healthcare, you name it site, that some worker had started a new application for me, and told me to fill in missing information.  I spend an hour going over the same thing twice, only to find out that some FOOL had filled in my having 2 of the same cars, one of which was---get this---the exact value of our old street address number.  How the hell did our street address building number get filled in as the value of this magical car?  I told the woman on the phone, check the DMV records, I have never owned this mythical car and if I had, I would sell it right now!  Not only that, but they had me having 2 bank acounts with 2 different amounts, and the same account number.

So yeah, a total of 3 hours today, spent dealing with the government, and 3 yesterday spent dealing with the government, the insurance or lack of it, the hospital bills, and for some reason, my husband's insurance card number or some other number not showing up and them having to put me on hold and look it up via some other magical number. Oh, and the DMV won't let me change our address.  It keeps telling me the same information that's on my Driver's license is not the information in their files.  O_o

How on earth does anyone work outside the home in the 'real world' with all this to deal with when they have a health emergency come up?  I am losing my mind.

But still sewing.

Edit: I'm beginning to suspect that the so called real world outside my front door is the twilight zone one.  Dolls make a hell of a lot more sense! 

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