Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Commission: Luts Kid Delf Girl PonPon Outfits for Winnie

Post bumped up on the work table May 20, 2014

Winnie contacted me about these outfits, and they are so wild and fun!  We're waiting on Spoonflower fabric, candy wrappers, the pink fluffy headdress and finding some white gloves that fit, but everything else is accounted for, and a deposit paid.
The deadline is sometime in April.  The outfits themselves are simple, but the over all designs details are the very creative parts.

Pictures provided by Winnie

April 1, 2014

I was under the weather with some sort of conglomerate of colds when the eyeball fabric came, but it's been here, and today I picked up the rose pink satin for the big head bow.  ^_^

April 12, 2014

I've got the fabric washed and preshrunk and I'm only waiting for the wrapper to make the skirt.  I'll be working on the patterning and sewing the striped fabric together this coming week.  This is such a cute project for the run up to Easter.

April 30, 2014

I've got everything but the sleeves patterned, and I'm ready to start test fitting the toil this week.  We've got high winds and power outages.  *eye roll* it's always something in Southern California.

May 10, 2014

The candy wrappers to substitute for the candy packages have arrived.  I haven't opened the package yet, I've not been well for a day or so, but I should be starting the real work (patterning is done) on the order this coming week. ^_^ I have a few questions I need to double check, such as, is that a knit waist band on the package skirt?  It looks Knit to me in one photo.  And I'm going to have to run some strength tests on how to make a ruffled strip of the candy wrappers that will be durable.

May 20, 2014

Having sorted the patterning and worked it out on paper over and over, today I got started with the actual sewing.  Stripes for the top, eyeball pantaloons for the bottom.  Bright sun from the window making the fabric a bit light.  I made the decision to turn the eyeball print on the bias to get closer to the look of the original outfit.  The 'shorts' are all ready for the elastic and to be gathered and attached to the top when it's done.  I anticipate being able to ship next week, and get it there on time for the customer's deadline, even if something ruins a day or two for me.

May 26, 2014

Just a quick photoless update, too tired to photo tonight.  The jumpsuit/shorts is ready for snaps and elastic, and I think quite cute.  The purple and black top is half done, I am going to use black mariboo for the fake eyelash/feather trim, and pondering the black ribbon.  The circle sleeves are confusing me. Do they stick up in back and only attach on the front, or fold over the shoulder to the back like a cap sleeve?  I'm thinking slightly oval rather than pure circle and make a cap sleeve that 'looks' like it's a circle front and back? 

May 27, 2014  

Winnie, I got your comment, but Blogger won't let me answer through the comment section for some reason.  Thank you so much for the link, that makes a lot of sense now!  I'll try to get some photos up tonight!  I found my mini black feather strip I had stashed so I can make the lower front trim almost exactly the same and I'm pretty darned thrilled about that score.  *whoots*  

Evening update: I've still got the elastic and snaps to put on the jumpsuit, and the purple and black top is in mid construction and needing a good press, but I wanted to get the difficult part of sewing the ribbon on the sleeve circles first.  I've got one more to go at this time.  But here is a blurry photo hastily taken on the ironing board. O_o  The 1/8 inch wide ribbon is the best I could do for this size project and it's been too loosely woven in all the brands available lately, but a good press will sort a lot of the crunkling of the hand sewing.  I did test a piece with fabric paint and didn't think it would do, too flat, too 'paint'.  The jumpsuit pantlegs will poof once the elastic is in.  The pink frou frou headdress is on the sewing table in pieces right now.  I'm saving the candy wrapper skirt for last.  

May 29, 2014 

More update photos.  I will take better ones when everything is done, but this is just a last minute before bed time thing.  I'm not happy with the head dress so I'm not charging for it.  It was an add on anyway, but I think the heavy satin, while matching the photo, might be too heavy for the doll.  It looks okay, but still.  I'll send it anyway.  I put gold elastic on it to tie on the doll's head, because they didn't have a nice enough woven ribbon to sew the satin to.  So, now I'm down  to gathering the skirt to the waist band (thank you for the candy! ^_^) and then all the fiddly snaps and things and it will be ready to go in the mail tomorrow afternoon, or first thing Saturday morning.  My 1/4 girl is just slightly shorter and will be modeling the outfits for the 'good' photos. Here are the omg blurry, bad lighting, so tired photos.  

The black ribbon and feathers were a pain, but the candy wrappers, the things I was most worried about, sewed on with no problem.  I used a heavier thread and wider stitch and there is only one yellow wrapper left.  It needs to be gathered to the waist band, still. 

May 30, 2014  

  The play suit needs the ribbons trimmed to the length the customer would prefer.  The striped top is rather thick because of all the seams so I used a thin fabric to line it.  Rather than add more bulk with a lining on the bottom, I just put in elastic to be flipped up.  The lacing actually works, but pull gently.  That was a fun thing that worked out pretty good. The ribbon is baby pink but looks white in the photo. The outfit still needs a bit of a press before packing up to ship.  

I found out when I photographed the doll that the candy wrappers are bit aggressive in the front.  I'm going to do something about that before shipping.  It's just a matter of tacking a few of them down.  And they have to be curved a bit over the fingers to hang a little more natural.  I need to move the skirt's snap over, too, it's a bit tight over the thickness of the blouse, so that will be fixed before shipping as well. I have no idea if the black feathers will run if they are wet, so I would not recommend the purple top be washed. The sleeve circles should be curved over the finger after dressing the doll to 'pop' in the right direction.  The satin I got for the head dress seems very heavy in comparison to the doll.  It's a thin fabric, but it gets thick next to a small doll. That, and they didn't have any ribbon in stock at the store to match even close so I made the 'ribbon' bow.

May 31, 2014

Order is now paid in full, adjustments made to fit and candy wrappers and awaiting shipping today. I'll post later when to expect the package, etc. after I get back from running errands.

Edit: Shipped! The post office is getting on my last nerve.  What happened to international flat rate? Where did it go? o_O  I ended up having to send it First Class and insured and registered mail for basically the same price as International Flat rate, which, I might add, suddenly no longer included tracking a few months ago.  But it's registered, so that means it's "under a lock and key every step of the way and has to be signed for by everyone who touches it". OH but they can't track it? Seriously confusing. It should also get there in five days according to the post office, but yeah, like I believe that.  It's normally 11 to 14 between here and Singapore.  I'm giving the customer the registration number in case they have to query it on their end.
What happened to International Flat rate? O_o
Fed Ex wanted 189.00 USD to ship, only 89 USD if it was 3 days.  What the heck?  


  1. Aw the jumpsuit looks super cute!

    For the other outfit, maybe these pictures show a clearer view of the sleeves ^^


  2. I got the dresses last week, sorry it took so long for me to leave a review! The dresses are absolutely perfect and adorable! Stitchings are neat and I am very satisfied with the quality of Raj's work. Every little detail is carefully thought out, to make it look as close to the actual outfits as possible. Can't wait to bring my MSD girl to Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's concert, everyone will love her <3 Thank you so much! Fast responses and very patient with my queries :)

    A photo of me and my sister's dolls modelling the outfits:


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