Monday, March 3, 2014

Back on Track

It's been so insane since December, I kept hoping each week that it would end and things would be 'normal'.    I think today it finally has.  I even got a shower when I planned to.

Last week we had the re-pipe and it just slowed everything down.  Then Wednesday, we both noticed the cat was drooling excessively and very limp and listless.  Since we had just paid all the money we had to move and pay the deposits, we had nothing to go to the vet with. It was a nightmare.  I stayed up all night Wednesday just looking up information on the internet and changing the towel under Tama. By Thursday evening I had it figured out. The wall board.  When they sawed up the wall board in the kitchen, the dust was blowing out in clouds all over everything.  They swept up, but a fat lot of good that did when it pretty much 'crop dusted' the whole kitchen and living room.  There was a fine layer of it everywhere, and it couldn't have all been gotten up with just a quick man-sweep.  This stuff needed tenting and a shop-vac.  I cleaned everything, putting me behind on a project I desperately wanted to get done and was working on in between all this mess, and by Friday, the drooling had slowed enough and Tama was starting to act like himself.  Saturday morning, he came out to the kitchen and begged for food.

He's fine now, just a little wobbly about the new space and the windows being in public areas (near the laundry rooms).  He still thinks we're going to move again every time I start unpacking a box or move something.  It just was the final straw in a way.  Being too broke to take him to the vet and having to live through that.  This business is my job, no alternatives.

It was so good today to mail out a project I really super wanted done on time.  And despite everything it came out great.  I really hate to do sub-standard work.

I'll be finishing up Fishcake's Yukata orders and Aernaths Sherlock suit and J.R.s Sherlock coat this week and concentrating on the Hanbok project after that. I'm taking new orders for late March, early April.  I want to be back up to speed in time to get the donation stuff out to Doll-A-Kon, if not in time for the advertising photos, at least for the actual convention.  I'm also doing another tutorial for BJDCollectasy which I hope to heck I can get done by the 15th. 

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