Sunday, February 23, 2014

We're Finally Settling In

I seriously under estimated how tired I would be after the move.  But I've finally managed today to excavate my sewing 'room' from under the other boxes and bins and jammed it into my sewing 'corner'.  I kept thinking the past few days, I'd be back in my own skin, but it took until today to stop running on stress and finally rest without feeling like I had to get up and do something every five minutes.  Now, I just have to get used to where every thing is, or needs to go. This is a "left handed" apartment, and I really have to switch the hinges on the fridge, it's driving me batty. The bathroom cabinet opens on the left, too.

So, tomorrow I have to take the hubby for a carotid artery sonogram, and then it's back to work, if I can work around the supposed 're-pipe' we just got the notice for.  A whole week of having the under the sink stuff and bathroom stuff hanging out in some corner (and we have very few corners now) while waiting for some mythical plumber to show up and actually do some work.  Been there, done that with this property company. I doubt anyone ever will show up.

To customers whose projects have been delayed by this nightmare, thank you so much for your patience.  I should be shipping orders out this coming week and working my way up the more complicated ones by next week.  


  1. I'm so glad you are all in one place now! (Even without the plumber). And you needed the rest! I'm in no hurry and I have a couple more projects in mind when you have less of a pile ahead of you (one more yukata and a gathered skirt).

    1. OMG! They actually showed up to tear the holes in the wall early this morning. I was dumbfounded. Now we're all wondering if they'll actually come back and do the work and patch the walls. >.>

      Thank you for the extra work, it really helps right now. I've almost got the sewing corner arranged to where I can work sanely if not safely. I think every bone in my right foot has been dropped on, run over, and cracked down the middle. The doctor is going to wonder what hit me when I finally crawl in for a check up.


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