Monday, February 10, 2014

Time for Another Update on the Health Front

I've been getting emails from friends asking if we're okay, so it's time to post an update.

Apparently when you get stuck with government healthcare, they turn you over to a 'provider' who 'manages things' and when it switches over, it messes up all your appointments and billing and refuses to pay for anything until you sort it all out.  And then SSA can't get at the records, so we have to sign more forms letting them at the medical records again!  So we had go the rounds again and hook everything back up.  Sort of like rebooting a computer and reloading everything after MicroSoft puts out another blasted version of Office. >.>;;   So we spent last week running in circles and I got a lot less sewing done than I wanted to.  GRRRR!

And now, we're down to the line on the 'hand over all your money' part of the new apartment.  "Do you really need five whole days?"  Yes!  it's not like we aren't paying for them!  Anyway, I'm spending mornings getting the last furniture broken down (the corner computer desk from Staples was really put together like rock solid! O_o), getting the man to his appointments (more blood work!  Apparently he has frightening cholesterol for someone who's healthy as a horse and spent all his time doing physical labor, eating healthy food for the most part and yeah....what the heck?) and ruining my back.  The doctor is scaring the crap out of us about the possibility of another stroke soon.  He really doesn't like the hubby's blood work.  And I don't like the new diet.  No rice?  NO RICE?  Not even brown rice!?  It's not like we eat it swimming in butter or something.  And the coffee thing.  What is it with doctors and coffee?  You will pry my coffee cup from my cold dead hand. I also keep forgetting that the wheel chair eats up about 30 minutes more per trip.  People must think we're nuts, with me pushing him and running from the parking lot to appointments.  He doesn't help by making 'vroom' noises and yelling 'faster!'  >.<;;  It's also something I never thought of before, but you have to park in the 'right' handicapped parking spot.  If you have someone who's not able to use half their body normally sitting on the passenger side up front, you have to park where you can get them out on the right side (American). And it doesn't help to have the person in the back seat, because it's difficult to have them slide over and when he's tired (he gets over tired easily still and will for a long time), things just get stuck and don't go well at all.

So, I'm still plugging away at the sewing in stolen bits of time each day, and still hoping very  much to get back to work full time after the move and planning on moving the sewing 'room' first so that it's all set up the day after we move our last light bulb out of the current flat.  Seriously, this place is depressing.  The more I pack up, the more I see the water damage behind the furniture and pictures and so forth and it's really awful without my photos and posters up because it just echos.  Still, no more steps for the hubby to deal with, which means more sleep for ME.  And the new place has a decent little patio, is in good repair visually (though the carpet is still not in yet) is easier to heat and cool, and yes, the most important part, less expensive.  Still, it's a cliff to step off.  But I keep telling myself, 2 more weeks and we'll be settled in and 'normal', and I have to have faith in my sewing business.  This is just one of those things that happen in life, and we'll be adjusted soon, and things will go on and get better.  

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