Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Plumbers Showed Up. O_o

We actually have re-pipe-ing going on.  After years in the previous place of being told "move everything, we're going to re-pipe" time and again and nothing happening, it's finally happening in the new place.  They show up super early before we're anywhere near awake enough to function and manage to get out of the way just in time.  I didn't get a storage bin of water this morning, and being a compulsive hand washer, this no water thing is driving me nuts.  And, TMI, our kitchen which backs the bathroom, smells like EEEEUUUUGGGGHHHH!!! now that they have the pipes out. Supposedly the water will be back on by 5 pm, walls repaired or not, so yeah, we'll survive.  And I guess we're stuck with the smell of fresh paint for another 2 weeks or something because they will naturally have to paint the wall again.  >.<

I'm currently sitting in the bedroom trying to design the back garden for optimum doll photography.  Since it's pretty much doll sized.  Someone had a Japanese garden in there ages ago and you can still see the faux river bed and pile of rocks in the pattern.  Problem is some ass hat dumped motor oil in one spot, so I'll have to either put a potted plant on it, or dig it out and put new soil in.  Being too poor to buy dirt right now, I think potted plant is the option.  I've always wanted to try the larger version of bonsai.  

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