Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentines Day and Tomorrow is Moving Day

We'll be picking up the keys to start moving tomorrow morning bright and early.  Everything looks so awfully messy and I can't begin to think how we'll get all of this into that tiny flat, even with all the sorting and throwing away of hoarded junk and so forth.  I just know I'll have a project down the line a few months from now and think "Oh, damn! That *thing* would have been perfect for this!"  But I've put all the current projects in a big tub to sit right on top of the sewing machine cabinet until the 21st.  My entire sewing room was all in drawers or tubs anyway so yeah...super organized.  Too bad the rest of the place wasn't.  I told the Hubby, I want the new place to look like something from Apartment Therapy.  Their Small Spaces posts are very inspiring. And the small gardens!  OMG THIS is gorgeous! 

I seem to need coffee.  >.>  too early for this.  I have to break down the kitchen today, never a happy task. All that breakable stuff and a step ladder, and mr. helpful cat.

Wish us luck!  ^_^


  1. Good luck and move carefully! Remember you can always sort on the other side ;)

    1. We just went over for another walk through, and the gas was STILL leaking. The manager had called The Gas Co. five times to turn it off. I called them and told them I will sue them. It's getting turned off today. O_o They really just can not let go.


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