Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

So far, so good. But then it's only 6:23 am. >.>

So on with the Happy part of the New Year.  And guess what! In 30 days, we get another Happy New Year, (Lunar that is! ) in case this one fails probation!  Cool, no?  ^__^   (And it comes with that Pony most of us still didn't get for Christmas.)

Best Grumpy Cat EVER!

And my first Seiyuu crush in his Gintama chara form pretty much personifying "Fate" in my opinion.  Fortunately, he gets his butt kicked often. 

All three images swiped from Tumbler, Grumpy Cat, and Gintama
And now I have this urge to watch Samurai 7 again.  If you haven't seen that anime series, DO IT!  It's a science fiction swing on Seven Samurai, with some deep seated conflicts of war and invasion worked in.    This is not a children's animation; it's bizarre, strange, and yet compelling thinking about why people do what they do from a surface view.  Our Pacific Asian Museum in Pasadena did a wonderful Summer film thing on comparing the anime series to the b/w movie Seven Samurai and The Magnificent Seven in a Kurosawa overload. 

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