Thursday, December 12, 2013

Commission: For Fishcake, 2 Dragon Doll size Yukatas.

Fabric is in the mail, (I can't wait to see it, she's a real artist, not a faker like me!) commission paid in full, and I'm posting the report post while T-mobile is being kind.

Go check out her fabulous art, sense of humor, doll collection, silly cat, and other things good and right, on her blog, Dolls, Art, Cats.

Barry being a bit girly with his obi. >.>  But then that's Barry. 

No original credit for this how to page that I could see on Immortal Geisha. And they don't show how the obi (last photo lower right) is put on.  But this is just a reality check.  Note to self: I need to figure out and pattern fundoshi.

yoinked from via Google

Dec 15, 2013

I have to watch my updates and photo uploads, because I got T-mobile to give us a six month break at the cost of bandwidth.  But here's the fabric, of which there was way too much!  I have an idea I'd like to propose.  The keyprint fabric can go for the donation yukata sets I promised The Scottish Rite's children's hospital fund at Akon for 2014?  I'll ask Kelly if she will say Fishcake (under her real name of course!) donated the fabric, and I just made the yukatas?  The kimono print is a bit too much for the little dolls.  I also threw in a scrap of my stuff for a matching man's obi for the blue.  I can make a blue and a white one for a nice change for the doll's wardrobe.  

Dec 17, 2013

Yesterday I had time to pre-wash in very hot water to make sure the fabric was shrunk as far as it could go and no dye remained.  Today I checked my Dragon Doll Yukata pattern and made a few adjustments that corrected things I didn't like about Barry's trial run yukata.  Tomorrow I'll get everything cut out. 

Dec 19, 2013

I got everything cut out yesterday.  ^_^  I'm making a white and the blue obi for the blue yukata.

Dec 21, 2013

My apologies for slowdown of work yet again.  I got a batch of paperwork to fill out yesterday, and today, in the mail and have to see my husband to get things signed Monday.  Hopefully this is the last batch of papers, ID scans, declarations  notarizations and all that for a while.  

Jan 2, 2014

That faint scream in the distant west of you is ME.  I had to call the manager last night at 6 pm to demand that our hot water tap in the tub be fixed, or I would call a plumber and have it done and remove the money from the rent.  She was like "oh, it's running?"  Me: I've been trying to tell you that for 4 weeks!  (I even WROTE IT DOWN).  Her: Oh, he'll be there tomorrow. 
The day I wanted to mail the finished Yukata sets.  I've just got the ends of the Obi to sew up. So now we play the stay home all day game and if he doesn't show up, they'll expect me to stay home all day tomorrow too. Not happening.  Rescuing the hubby tomorrow.  The post stops shipping at 4:30 pm.  Maybe I can make it up there before then.  >.<;;  Photos later.  

Edit: Photos!  (still no repair man)  The order is packed up and ready to go in a large padded envelope.  I'm not picking up the husband tomorrow after all.  They decided they were going to keep him another week and would take no argument.  NOW they think they can do more for him. 

Jan 2, 2014  Shipped!  ^_^ 

Jan 11, 2014  Customer photos
Fishcake took photos of two of her boys in the yukatas and gave me permission to repost them! 

Courtesy of 'Fishcake' from her blog, Dolls, Art, Cats

Courtesy of 'Fishcake' from her blog, Dolls, Art, Cats


  1. Step five is like..and then a miracle happened!
    You will laugh at one of the fabrics--it's very meta. :D Thanks for the nice words too!

    1. LOL, I can't wait! I was so distracted and I forgot to send you your report post URL. >.<

  2. They are here and they are gorgeous! Steal the photo of Bryan in the key fabric from my blog--he looks beautiful. This weekend let me rummage about for fabric for two more--that Dragon Doll size is a good size, even the Soom girls on hooves can wear them. Email me what you need for a deposit, too!

    1. Oh definitely, thank you! ^_^ As soon as I have enough bandwidth to do photos again, I'll nab it! The color looks great on Bryan.

      I wonder if girls with hooves make good dance partners? *random need more coffee thought there*.


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