Friday, November 29, 2013

My Dragon Doll MSD Kiki's Hip Socket Repair

I found some time today to finish the rest of this after starting a few days ago.  I needed her to stand up properly for a tutorial I'm doing for BJDCollectasy.  The previous rant about what it took me three years to figure out is here.  After years of being frustrated by her twisting and refusing to pose for no reason, despite the fact that every other Dragon Doll I have is almost magical when it comes to posing, I finally realized the problem was in her pelvis.

Finding some time few days ago, I used the Milliput epoxy to fill in the string holes in her pelvis, and then re-drilled the holes where the channel in the legs would line up properly.  I put her back together and tried her out for a few days. She stood up, on her own, no twisted spine, no awkward balancing act, she stood up and stayed up!

But her legs were still a little derpy when it came to posing like her bigger sister, Jiji.  So I had another look at her thigh pieces.  The channels had been drilled all over the place to make up for the miss placed holes in her pelvis, but I wasn't sure how badly until I looked at Jiji's thigh pieces.  So today, I filled in a bit of the mucking about and let the epoxy dry while I sewed for the tutorial.  You can see the repairs better in the larger view in another tab.

I held the pelvis piece up to the light, and there were actually thin spots right where the holes should have been drilled. So my conclusion is nothing was wrong with the mold. The finishing work was where things went wrong. Someone must have been over tired.
She stands so much better now, but I had her in her squishy new Happy Camille shoes, they have almost gel soles, and it was like trying to stand her on marshmallows.  But here she is, standing on her own, squishy sole shoes and all!  She'll be showing off in more photos from now on.

Part of the Underwear Tutorial Series


  1. She's so pretty, I'm glad you were able to fix her so she can pose for you! That is a major fix, too!

    1. Thank you! I'm so glad too. It was a lot easier than one would think. It just takes that first push of the drill button and giving up all hope. I don't like using wiring, so I was determined to see what could have gone wrong.


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