Monday, January 20, 2014

MonkeyGraph's Soul Doll Zenith: Captain John

The ever delightful reprobate Captain John will be on the sewing table in December.  The perfect project for Saturnalia.

Post bumped up and on the work table.

The black denim is in stock, the erm...what ever that is he's wearing for a t-shirt (half the universe in take out food?) I can deal with, and the red gaberdine is on order.  I have the gold trim and beads in stock.  And MonkeyGraph has obtained the boots, which I am dying to see!

I'm waiting on the fitting shell for this one.  Must have a fitting shell for jeans.  With BJDs there's a nuance to getting a pair just right so it doesn't ride down their butts or stick in their joints and make them impossible to pose.

Nov 26, 2013

The ruby red gaberdine is in and it's just gorgeous.  The perfect red!

Dec 15, 2013

As stated on the other updates, I have to watch my updates and photo uploads, because I got T-mobile to give us a six month break at the cost of bandwidth.
The fitting shell shows this doll has a very---how shall I say it---well--a nice personality in the back sides.  I can only hope my jeans do justice to it.  I'll have to take another look at Soul Doll from now on.  Fabric is prepping.  I need to really soak the color out of the denim.  My dolls have worn their jeans for months on end, and black slacks and none of them have any staining, so it really does pay to pre-soak and drain the dye from fabric.  
I am having one very small easily solved problem. It seems to me that the collar and cuffs on the red jacket read navy blue visually?

Dec 17, 2013

I'm still working on the patterning.  With all the orders, I've been sectioning off the work day into times for each project.  Can't wait to start the actual sewing!

Dec 19, 2013

Patterning continues.  Turns out my Anglesdoll has a very similarly built body, but smaller on the bottom and bigger on the top, so I can be more certain of the fit of things.   The thighs being so muscular are going to shape things a bit interestingly, but I've handled that recently with Idealians.

I have some ideas for dying the t-shirt now that the base color is dyed.  It looks sort of gold in some photos and dirty tan in others, and I went with dirty tan for now. I'm going to make the t-shirt, then breaking open a tea bag and scattering some dry leaves on the front, rolling it up and laying it in a pan of hot water.  These are the ideas that come to me on long boring drives.  

Dec 21, 2013

My apologies for slowdown of work yet again.  I got a batch of paperwork to fill out yesterday, and today, in the mail and have to see my husband to get things signed Monday.  Hopefully this is the last batch of papers, ID scans, declairations, notarizations and all that for a while.  

Dec 25, 2013

The patterning is done.  *falls over*  Sometimes I do agonize over fractions of a centimeter too much.  And the hand tracing was just what I needed, because I used it to get the proportion of the cuff trim on the jacket sleeve! I was trying to measure it and do all that geometry and percentage and then I realized; just take the hand tracing and compare it to the hand in the picture and measure from there!  Now I can pin out everything and get busy cutting and sewing! 

Dec 26, 2013  

I don't know why I had the previous update as Dec 22, when it was the 25th.  I think I was brain dead and just going down the date list.  Anyway! Everything is cut out finally!  I'm a little irked at how much the black denim shrunk.  It was just enough for the length of the jeans pieces.  And I didn't know when I bought it (again, not really paying attention to anything but the usability of the item...) is elastic, which makes it even more perfect for button loops.  The fun part is going to be remembering to get just the exact missing buttons to go missing. And the T-shirt.  That t-shirt is giving me the giggles thinking about how to mess it up.  I like the tea idea.  But if that washes out in the test, I have some other ideas.  And if all else fails, permanent fabric markers. I have to watch photo sizes now that I've had T-mobile cut back on my data plan. But I think everything is still going to be visible at this new size.  
Is blogger lightening photos now?  O_o  It's normal color in my Photo program.  
Jan 5, 2014 

I got all the first level of pinning done yesterday.  Somehow I managed to miss cutting a few pieces, but everything is there now. O_o I'm hoping to get a stack of sewing done this week during early mornings and evenings.  My phone mins and data plan roll over the 8th so I'll be able to post more updates then. 

Jan 20, 2014

Hit a glitch.  Can't for the life of me remember if I've even seen the back of Cpt John's jeans.  I'd hate to think I'd missed some design on his pockets that might be obvious in the show.  Queried MonkeyGraph on that.  If I knew what episodes he was in in season one of Torchwood I might have looked, but everything is packed!  The first round of pinning and sewing and pressing is done.  Now that we've packed all that we can, and are down to the what more can we throw out stage of the move, sewing projects will proceed a lot faster.   

Jan 30, 2014

Progress! Slowly but surely, I'm getting things done.  The jeans are darker in person, but the white threads just pop out in this picture for some reason.  I was going for a sort of geometric hour glass pattern on the back pockets.  

February 27, 2014

So, back in the saddle again.  No photos tonight, because I've been working til I can't see strait.  The messy shirt is done, the jeans are done, the jacket itself is done.  I just need to get the gold braid and beads on and then ship it.  We're supposed to have the walls they tore up painted tomorrow, but there are still darker patches in the re-wall-boarded areas, and we're getting rain and thunderstorms tomorrow so I'm not so sure.  
So much for California's drought.  We're getting six days of rain and a fairly good drenching it is expected to be.  Doesn't bother me, I still live only six blocks from the P.O.  Maybe 1/4 of a block closer.  The post person once told me that the last shipment of mail is 4:30, so I'm planning on being there by 4 pm tomorrow with the finished outfit packed up and going 2 day post.  

March 3, 2014  

So the gold braid cord did NOT work out.  I was so frustrated with it.  The original is cord, but it's difficult to find in proportion for dolls.  I did have a thin gold braid, like midi-braid trim, but it was too wide and I was reluctant to use it.  The cord was my primary thought on the matter and it came out like crap.  I just couldn't live with it.  If I was so unhappy with it, how could my customer be happy?  So I just went with tearing it off and redoing the whole thing and it's so much better. I had to fold and iron the braid, but it was worth it for the visual and photographic effect.  

The black denim is actually quite black but the white threads in the weave keep picking up the digital better.  Folded because I was cramming to get everything into the mail envelope ASAP today. 

The fun part of the project.  The cut off neck line, sloppy t-shirt.  Probably not as very sloppy as the one the character wore, but sloppy enough?  Tea stained, and then fabric markers and ironed on mercilessly, but still, recommended cold water wash quickly in mild soap, line dry.  No matter how you tea stain something, the tea eventually comes out.  

So, finally!  It's such a great feeling to be able to finally have a package off in the mail to a customer!  I didn't have my printer set up or anything to make it all professional looking, and the post office told me they couldn't do 2 day, so I had to do it ONE DAY to get it there in 2 DAYS!  WTF?  O_o  But yes, it's supposed to be there Wednesday  no later than 3 pm, with orders to just deliver it, not insist on a signature or anything.  So I hope the lady at the P.O. wasn't so flustered she mixed up my orders.  

There was a very obnoxious woman there waiting to get her passport order started and she kept making some comments that would have had her floored and hog tied by TSA.  But we don't have TSA at the post office, so yeah, everyone just had to put up with her.  It was really making the workers nervous, especially when she started commenting about 'where's your weapon' and stuff like that.  

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  1. Gorgeous! You've done a marvelous job with Capt. John's costume. I made a similar jacket, but used white braid dyed with some "dirty" colors instead of gold. I do like the gold a lot and think it is most becoming.


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