Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Makai Ishi Mephisto Cosplay

To recap, way back in June, I fell for this sci-fi/supernatural manga which is part of the long series of Makai Toshi Shinjuku novels by Hideyuki Kikuchi.  Set in the mess the author made of Shinjuku, poop happens anywhere any time in the Demon City.  Hideyuki Kikuchi is called the 'Stephen King' of Japan. Frankly I think he's way more nuts.

I have this thing for big coats, which is where this cosplay comes in.  Starting out in the movie (the incredibly badly dubbed Demon City Shinjuku)  with a red trench coat, Dr. Mephisto has ended up in this huge swirling cloak.  Kairi Shimotsuki (Brave 10) was chosen by Hideyuki-san to draw this manga and how well she does it.  That cloak fascinated me and I had to figure out the mechanics of it.  Plus, my Kyou was a pretty good fit for the part.  So, after designs, eye fails and wins, restrings, and epoxy repairs, along with a ton of hand sewing, finally, I'm done.  And of course with fresh strings, he's just refusing to co-operate.

I had to tone down the lighting to be able to deal with all that white,
and I'm rather happy his weapon  of choice, the wire, actually shows up. 

The character has longer hair, but this is the wig I had.  I like it. 

Just a bit showing of the brocade vest thing.  I never did find the example I was looking for of the Mughal garment.  It's a 3/4 sleeved vest with a wrap to the side closure.  I must have seen it in a painting or something. 
 In the manga, she doesn't draw him without the cloak, but since the other characters have somewhat eclectic clothing designs and from what I saw of his outfit, I extrapolated Mughal/Mongolian influence (museum examples in the first post for this project).  The fabric for his top is pretty sheer and would not crinkle where I wanted it to and wrinkled where I didn't want it to, but the pattern tested out pretty nice.  I just wish I could have gotten the wrist gathering a bit snugger, but then it wouldn't have gone over his hands without putting in an opening.  Shiny pants are shiny.  I just want to use something fun for his pants.

So, one of the few projects for my own dolls that I planned to finish this year is actually finished.  Wow, that makes what? Three? Go me! O_o;;

Next I'm making his movie outfit.  Black pants, black turtleneck and that yummy blood red trench coat.  Maybe I'll even finish it by 2015!

The insane making thing is waiting for June for a few chapters every year until the manga/novel is done.  Talk about cliff hangers.


  1. Kyou should cooperate, he looks gorgeous in that cloak! The Mongol-inspired tunic fits like a dream, too! ( I should sew something for my poor dolls..this reminds me how thin their wardrobes are).

    1. With those shoulder, he could wear a tent and look classy, >.>. At least it was a cold day so he'd behave, no more just going flopsy.
      Thank you! I'm looking forward to making the tunic in a more fancy fabric later.
      Oh, but your mermaid has some very pretty shoes! LOL! And winter is a nice time to get some sewing done.


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