Monday, November 18, 2013

A Week Plus of Mondays

Supposedly, Wednesday, the bathroom redo starts.  One day of which we will be banned from the flat because of chemical and paint fumes.  My agoraphobic cat's going to love that.  He'll be in his little stroller or his carry case for six hours of sheer terror on the back patio, probably squalling his lungs out.  I'll be doing much needed yard work and then settling down to hand sew for a while.  If it weren't so narrow out there, I'd run the power cord and take the machine out.  The bath being remodeled is right across from my sewing studio.  We'll see how that goes for working conditions.  It's a good thing I have those external noise canceling earbuds for my FauxPod.  We're hoping it's over before  Thanksgiving, but yeah...I know how remodels go.  Believe it when I see it.

So, yesterday just as I was nearing the completion of the hand sewn hem of the voluminous cape from hell and cheering myself on thinking YES! another 'my dolly' project done and by tonight, I can photograph it-- Kyou decided he was a rag doll.  I've had him since Dec 2009, and this is his first restring.  He was blindingly white.  Now, (except for his ears, why? O_o) he's a lovely ivory color all over, inside and out.  So , he's having a Monday.  After this past 4 weeks, I know exactly how he feels.

Kyou, my Dream Realm Black Crow (purchased from JunkySpot)
So this is it.  The first silicon sheet sueding I've ever done, along with his restring.  Took him apart, assessed the situation, lost my nerve, and I'm going to put him on a cookie sheet for later.  I'll work on him a little each day.  I've got patterning to do for Aernath's over due Sherlock lounge set project.  Fortunately, it's one I've done before and know it will take a week or less and I can bang it right into the mail as soon as it's done.  Then I'll be caught up for all the December work right on time.  *knock on wood*.


  1. Kyou is really cool! As I recall he's a big guy, too. I love those Dream Realm sculpts! May he go back together easily (you have a puller, which is something I should get.)

    1. Yes, he's an 8 pound heap of resin at 72 cm (I'm sure 4 inches of that are neck and shins, LOL!). There's a lot of classical influence on Dream Realm. And he should, I just have to clean him.

      I made that puller. It's one of those 99c throwaway craft sponge paint brush handles and a heavy duty metal coat hanger. Wrap it twice on one side, then twice on the other and bend the end and there you go. ^_^


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