Friday, November 29, 2013

My Dragon Doll MSD Kiki's Hip Socket Repair

I found some time today to finish the rest of this after starting a few days ago.  I needed her to stand up properly for a tutorial I'm doing for BJDCollectasy.  The previous rant about what it took me three years to figure out is here.  After years of being frustrated by her twisting and refusing to pose for no reason, despite the fact that every other Dragon Doll I have is almost magical when it comes to posing, I finally realized the problem was in her pelvis.

Finding some time few days ago, I used the Milliput epoxy to fill in the string holes in her pelvis, and then re-drilled the holes where the channel in the legs would line up properly.  I put her back together and tried her out for a few days. She stood up, on her own, no twisted spine, no awkward balancing act, she stood up and stayed up!

But her legs were still a little derpy when it came to posing like her bigger sister, Jiji.  So I had another look at her thigh pieces.  The channels had been drilled all over the place to make up for the miss placed holes in her pelvis, but I wasn't sure how badly until I looked at Jiji's thigh pieces.  So today, I filled in a bit of the mucking about and let the epoxy dry while I sewed for the tutorial.  You can see the repairs better in the larger view in another tab.

I held the pelvis piece up to the light, and there were actually thin spots right where the holes should have been drilled. So my conclusion is nothing was wrong with the mold. The finishing work was where things went wrong. Someone must have been over tired.
She stands so much better now, but I had her in her squishy new Happy Camille shoes, they have almost gel soles, and it was like trying to stand her on marshmallows.  But here she is, standing on her own, squishy sole shoes and all!  She'll be showing off in more photos from now on.

Part of the Underwear Tutorial Series

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Makai Ishi Mephisto Cosplay

To recap, way back in June, I fell for this sci-fi/supernatural manga which is part of the long series of Makai Toshi Shinjuku novels by Hideyuki Kikuchi.  Set in the mess the author made of Shinjuku, poop happens anywhere any time in the Demon City.  Hideyuki Kikuchi is called the 'Stephen King' of Japan. Frankly I think he's way more nuts.

I have this thing for big coats, which is where this cosplay comes in.  Starting out in the movie (the incredibly badly dubbed Demon City Shinjuku)  with a red trench coat, Dr. Mephisto has ended up in this huge swirling cloak.  Kairi Shimotsuki (Brave 10) was chosen by Hideyuki-san to draw this manga and how well she does it.  That cloak fascinated me and I had to figure out the mechanics of it.  Plus, my Kyou was a pretty good fit for the part.  So, after designs, eye fails and wins, restrings, and epoxy repairs, along with a ton of hand sewing, finally, I'm done.  And of course with fresh strings, he's just refusing to co-operate.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Epoxy Repairs with Milliput

While cleaning up Kyou for his restring, dunce that I am, I saw a dark spot on his palm and went at it with the 'magic' sponge.  Which didn't work.  Shocked, I turned the hand over to look at it.  OMG! it's a paper thin spot! And there I was scrubbing away at it, making it thinner from the outside!

It looked like it happened when his hook was being put in.  There are little curls of carved out resin where this spot is, still firmly attached in his hand base.  All the rest of him is good thick resin, he's a solid guy, and without having taken him apart to clean and restring, I never would have seen this at all.

I have it held up against a lamp to show the thin spot from the outside. 

Monday, November 18, 2013

A Week Plus of Mondays

Supposedly, Wednesday, the bathroom redo starts.  One day of which we will be banned from the flat because of chemical and paint fumes.  My agoraphobic cat's going to love that.  He'll be in his little stroller or his carry case for six hours of sheer terror on the back patio, probably squalling his lungs out.  I'll be doing much needed yard work and then settling down to hand sew for a while.  If it weren't so narrow out there, I'd run the power cord and take the machine out.  The bath being remodeled is right across from my sewing studio.  We'll see how that goes for working conditions.  It's a good thing I have those external noise canceling earbuds for my FauxPod.  We're hoping it's over before  Thanksgiving, but yeah...I know how remodels go.  Believe it when I see it.

So, yesterday just as I was nearing the completion of the hand sewn hem of the voluminous cape from hell and cheering myself on thinking YES! another 'my dolly' project done and by tonight, I can photograph it-- Kyou decided he was a rag doll.  I've had him since Dec 2009, and this is his first restring.  He was blindingly white.  Now, (except for his ears, why? O_o) he's a lovely ivory color all over, inside and out.  So , he's having a Monday.  After this past 4 weeks, I know exactly how he feels.

Kyou, my Dream Realm Black Crow (purchased from JunkySpot)
So this is it.  The first silicon sheet sueding I've ever done, along with his restring.  Took him apart, assessed the situation, lost my nerve, and I'm going to put him on a cookie sheet for later.  I'll work on him a little each day.  I've got patterning to do for Aernath's over due Sherlock lounge set project.  Fortunately, it's one I've done before and know it will take a week or less and I can bang it right into the mail as soon as it's done.  Then I'll be caught up for all the December work right on time.  *knock on wood*.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Commision: Aernath's Supia Doll Sherlock Lounge Set

Post bumped up, project now on the work table, late. >.<;;

The Sherlock lounge set, one silk robe, cotton t-shirt and cotton striped pj bottoms.  To be completed with in the next 4-6 weeks.  (<-- not...) 

Note: after this set, I am out of both fabrics MonkeyGraph was kind enough to sell me the remainder of.  

Image From Sherlockology

Saturday, November 2, 2013

DIY Eyes

 I've made a new rule for myself:  1 hour a day, I do something for my dolls.  It might not be something spectacular, but something.  Dust them, comb wigs or change then and eyes, resettle them in new poses, make a small repair, an hour of sewing or work on one of their projects, and eventually it will get done.  That sort of thing.  It has to be hands on the doll type stuff, not just looking for new ideas, shopping online for shoes, or >.>;; new heads.

Yesterday I got out the DIY eyes from Pupa Paradise.  Previously, I'd had a hard time assembling the ones I made for Kyou's Mephisto cosplay, there are tiny air bubbles in them.  I finally had it sorted in my head that using too much Gorilla crazy glue was part of the problem.  Also, the corneas really magnify the pupil. I buy the ones with no pupil, but they sell the pairs with with pupils, too.  They are also not domed, so they fit well in dolls with lowered eye lids or crinkled smile eyes.

I've studied a lot manga artwork (because I can't draw, but I can make myself miserable reading how-to-draw-manga books and tutorials...) and one of the things I found out is that pupil size isn't just a matter of light.  It's part of expressing thought and emotion in a character.  So I tried making a pair of 'intense' eyes, and a pair of 'dreamy' or 'thoughtful' eyes based on one of my favorite artist's work.

         Intense                                                                                   Thoughtful or dreamy