Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Etsy shop is in Vacation mode

I'm putting the Etsy shop in vacation mode until January 2014, to catch up with ALL my orders in progress right now.  o_o

I’m also looking for sewers/stitchers to recommend to customer’s queries for custom smaller doll clothing items, in the Xaga 1/6 Lara (there are more sculpts, too), Barbie, Obitsu, Azone, Takara Jenny, Momoko, smaller fashion doll range.

If you know of someone who does smaller than YoSD, more like Lara down there in the photo, and is very, very good, please let me know so I can check out their work and have a list to pass customers along. ^_^V

Thank you!

Example for clarification: Tiny Fashion (or Anthro) dolls with late teen/mature figures.   There are dozens of excellent child type 1/6 doll stichers who are well known, but I haven't personally seen so many for this type yet.  I've just started looking, though.

Xaga's Lara type dolls, 1/6 mature figure/fashion dolls under 27 cm tall


  1. Spampy is the Puki Coutourier on Den of Angels..I think she sews with an electron scanning microscope. :D Her stuff is really cute!

    1. Edited for lousy spelling (blogger makes you delete the whole comment, no editing in situ, darn it!)
      Thank you! Her stuff is cute, but what I'm looking for is more in the line of Azone, Obitsu or Xaga's Lara and her sisters. The tiny 'fashion' dolls. There are dozens of 'little boy, little girl' sewers out there, but the tiny fashion doll stitchers are hard to find. I've had people contact me for uniforms and coats and things I make for my big guys in the 1/6 comparable fashion sizes


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