Thursday, October 3, 2013

Sewing Faux Leather

I've been having issues with this one particular faux leather for ages.  I only realized it was the same stuff after buying it recently on a potential commission and though, OMG NOES! it's the same thing!  I threw away a whole attempted jacket a few years ago.  (Do not get me started on the faux leather fetish someone obviously has in costuming on 'Andromeda'.)  As of Tuesday, I found out how to sew any other 'pleather' (poly-vinyl leather) but this blasted brown one.

I went through pages and pages of googling and even begged the people at MJTrends where I bought it for help late at night when I should have been asleep!

Then I finally kept Googling everywhere and anywhere and noticed something on an industrial web site.  I tried it.  It worked!  This is after going on a spending spree I didn't have the money to actually do at the moment (hello health care mandate...) and buying this special needle and that special needle, a special thread and baby powder and tape and tear away stabilizer and a teflon sewing machine foot and all the other stuff I really---didn't need!  None of it addresses the REAL problem here!  Not ONE of those things!  Ah well, I'm sure I will eventually use all that.  My walking foot (a sort of mini steam roller type sewing machine foot) has always stood me good before, but not with this particular stuff; the visibly harmless and buttery soft 2-way stretch matte brown vinyl, some sort of species all to its self apparently.  O_o  (I can sew that nasty shiny rubber wear stuff too! dear god one of my dolls needs those pants, ROFL!)

Behold the proof!  with a sloppy last minute attempt at a bound button hole, which will go much better with hand basting, but hey, being able to make it look THIS good on the sewing machine, score!  Of course it's a sample so the stitching is in white for visibility.  The gathered piece is a quicky from memory run of the collar on on the one coat in the new Star Trek: Wrath of Sherlock (heh-heh) and a normal seam along the 2-way stretch, with top stitching.  It's late in the afternoon, I'm dead tired from fussing over this and to me, that button hole is a crowning achievement.  Wait till you see what I can do when I have had a good night's sleep!


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