Monday, October 7, 2013

Retro Butterick B5813 Part 2

I started this project a while back with every intention of finishing it in a week or so.  Well, mice, men, plans, as the poet said.  It's done!

Finally.  I set aside weekends for my poor thread bare dolls (if they could complain I've no doubt that would be the most minor of their complaints.  Especially Barry) to start taking care of all their unfinished outfits (known as UFOs in the sewing bloggisphere, in case you've ever wondered.)

Because Anthea's head is a bit small for the Dragon Doll neck, I was wondering what to do about her hair.  Retro 1950s to the rescue with a cute little bob.  I still have to take in the back of her wig, though. Right now it's got a quilting pin up the back of it.

If you look at the first post, you'll see I re-patterned this outfit by using the tape fitting shell I made for the doll.   It's just a matter of using the sloper and drawing in the missing lines.  One patterning, one fitting with a muslin, adjust the pattern, make dress.  What took me so long was a lot of customer work and failing at time management, along with other things coming up.  I'm slowly learning how to regulate my business hours.

This is the first time I've used such a long strip of the Volks micro velcro.  I'm surprised at how well it works.   I've only ever used it on a Tyler Tonner dress before, but on an unlined cotton dress like this, I wanted something soft and flexible for a clean closure, without having to order a zipper.  The trick is not having a double wide seam down the back where the velcro is sewn in.  Once it's patterned for properly, the only thing left to do is a bit of hand tacking, and it's very close to an invisible zipper.  I adjusted this dress from the original design's side zipper, to a back zipper to be able to dress the doll easily.  But if the velcro lays flat and looks good, I may start using it more often.  And there are other places than Volks (always out of stock! O_o) to get some when my stock gets low.  


  1. That is a beautiful pattern for that fabric--it hangs perfectly even at that tiny scale!

    1. Thank you! ^_^
      I love sewing precisely because finding the right fabric for the right garment is like putting a puzzle together. Remnant bins are so fun for coming up with new projects, I've have to avoid them lately. >.>;;


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