Saturday, October 5, 2013

Postage Fees, International Requirements, Customs.

It's official, the United States Postal Office is insane.  Every blasted time I go to post something, a rule or a set of charges has changed.  So:  

1. Nothing any seller can do is going to make everyone happy.  

2. Yes, any fees like Paypal, and listing fees, should be factored into the original price, that is the COST of the item.  I do that myself as much as I can.  However to insist on the customer not paying for fees is like asking the seller to give you money for buying from them.  Think about that.  Seriously.  

3.  ?@$^%$#%! Postal charges!  I'm always ending up paying out of pocket for international shipping and it makes me so bitter, because I'm basically giving away the money I worked hard to earn.  Especially when it goes up by $12 USD here and $12 USD there, and I only charge minimum wage as my payment to ME.  Which is going up in California in June of 2014 so YES, I will raise my prices accordingly, because with the minimum wage hike, all the prices will go up and we'll all be right back where we started, only more inflated than before.  

4. You can't get international shipping tracking with the USPS now without  50$ charge.  Last time I was there, it's $50 no matter what size, letter, or package. O_o  You CAN, however, get registered mail, which is now the best safest because someone signs for everyone who touches it until it reaches you and is now cheaper than Tracking. o_O.

My shipping policy as it stands NOW.  I know the USA prices for everything.  
International Shipping is a nightmare when my post office and the foreign post office are requiring different things, like mine telling me You only need this, when the foreign post office and customs 
REALLY needs that!

Please, Contact me with your zip or mailing code and ASK first, and I will look up the costs first!   I don't want anyone to feel badly treated or shocked by sudden charges.  >.<  

Let me know what other things I need to do to smooth your package through customs and so forth in your country.  

After all, customers are not only my income, a roof over my head and food on the table, they are people who love dolls and want something special for their dolls and I'm honored to be chosen to make those special things.  I know how I hurt when I'm screwed over, and I don't want to hurt anyone else.  

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