Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Only Doll Zhou Yue Wins the Budget Decision.

In my previous post on doll shopping, I was waffling over Migma vrs Zhou Yue.  I finally made up my mind (and the car had a nervous break down) to just get the Zhou Yue head, because she has a slightly sweeter face.  Now I know Migma is supposed to be an avatar of evil, but yeah, I like Zhou Yue's smile and she'll fit on Jiji's body for now.  And pre-order/layaway for the head is only $18 something a month.  I usually pay the order off entirely when it comes in. With the longer layaway, if something comes up, I'm only out one Saturday night's dinner out a month.  The BFF said "Put a dollar in an envelope for every cup of coffee you drink. You'll have Migma money in a month!"  O_o  Do I really drink that much coffee?  (hides the coffee cup)  Don't answer that.

Photos swiped from Mint on Card.  If you want her, catch them before Nov 13, so your order will go in. ^_^   She's a 66cm tall girl when bought whole, with a nice little figure.  I wouldn't mind her in their pink, it's lovely, but since Jiji is golden yellow, the head must be as well.  Then if I get Zhou Yue's very nice body later, my girls will be sisters.

Her eyes are a bit bigger (14 vrs 18mm?) than Soom's Migma, but I've noticed most of the 18mm dolls are usually 16mm when I get them.  If they are a bit too big, I've got epoxy and planning to mod another doll's eye lids anyway.  Her smile is sweeter, which makes her better for cosplaying characters.  Her chin is a bit pointier, too but that's like the characters I want her to dress up as.

 Notice how they never quite show you the real profile of a doll?  With a lot of sculpts you never know what you get until you find an owner's profile photo, or get the doll.  She doesn't look like she's going to need terminally pointy nose surgery.

I like her for Rin from Spirited Away, and characters like Karina Lyle AKA Blue Rose from Tiger&Bunny.  Basically I was searching for a more mature cosplay girl than Jiji's look.  Jiji can do middle to high school, but Zhou Yue looks like she could be a bit more mature depending on costume and so forth.  Plus it's a large head, and Jiji (Dragon Doll Xixi) is large headed.

So, I'm really looking forward to getting her!  I'm also going to have to find a display box or large lid plastic jar (like the ones the snack nuts and trail mix come in at Target?) to put all these heads in.  I like that!  I could glue a stand to the lid and keep my heads safely dust free but on display where I can enjoy them.

P.S. I just did the math. If I put a dollar in a box for every cup of coffee I drank during each day, I'd have the money for a Soom super gem in 2 months, not one.  I need to cut back on the coffee.

Nov 14, 2013.

I just realized that the Mint on Card Only Doll order went in yesterday!  I wonder how long it will take for her to arrive there?  I need to start collecting images for inspiration for her face up.  I've been playing with pastels and it's not been happy.  My last can of MSC UV cut, the one that arrived on a very hot day from a very hot mail truck and was hot when I took it out of the box (phew, run on sentence for the win!) has been misbehaving.  No matter what I do, it splatter sprays.  I've even cleaned the push cap with acetone and checked the hole to make sure there isn't a burr or something.  Then the doll I sprayed, after the pastels, I rubbed my thumb on it and it flaked right off!  So yeah...pondering that.  

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