Sunday, October 27, 2013

Making Eyes for a Cat doll and finally, Cat ears.

Finished!  I'm not so good at painting white cats, but the eyes came out pretty good for a first try. So, moving up the post and rounding up my Cat theme, Jazz and Kiki. I wanted to get full daylight photos so it's a bit bright in the morning kitchen.

Jazz (in barbie clothes >.<;;) and Kiki with her finally finished ears. 
I'm debating a wig for Jazz, but her face up is okay.  Maybe later, I'll rethink it, but for now, it really does match the kitty I wanted her to resemble.  The barbie clothing was laying around from a long ago repaint, and settled the theory that barbie clothing fits freya.  Maybe some old skipper stuff, but nope.  It's all an inch too big around for her.  At least the skirt hangs low enough to let her tail pop on over the back waist band.

 Kiki's ears are the ZirconMermaid pair of cats ears.  I love their shape and waited forever to get a 1/4 size pair, but they were a pain to paint.  I used matte Mr. Super Clear on them and the paint just rolled off, so I cleaned them off and put the paint on the bare resin and while it tried to roll off as well, I put some matte gloss in the paint and it stayed put.  Once that first layer was on, everything else was fine.  Then I sealed them.  I went with trying to match Kiki's skin tone and very neutral so she could change wigs and still have her ears as correct as can be under the circumstances.  Now she needs her hip surgery.

More photos and the original starting post under the cut tag.

So I don't scratch Jazz's eyes up, I pick up the eyes and move them rather than just sliding them around by the posts. My water color pencils would not stick to the MSC, and I think I'll get matte again next time, I'm not quite happy with the glossy.  While it gives people dolls a nice normal glow, it sucks for fur baring dolls.  I tinted some white with black to make a very pale grey and put a layer down, then went over it with white trying to make the paint strokes obvious.  I think I got it about the fourth try.

Best shot I got of her eyes, with the flash.  You can see some of the fur  in this one if you squint. 

The cute fabric remnant for her first oufit.
Messing with Kiki's ear expressions.  This is why I love the ZirconMermaid ears.  They make Fox ones, too and different sizes, sold on JunkySpot.

Bored cat "entertain me,  Monkey"

"Is that the can opener I hear?"

I got them tipped a bit too low for 'mad cat'

Oct 22, 2013  (the original post starts here).

There are gorgeous cat eyes out there, such as the ones Ersa Flora sells, but they are made for cat-people dolls.  I wanted more of a real cat type eye, without the white showing, so it was time to learn how to make doll eyes.

I started with LaDoll clay and made as round as I could get balls of clay, fitting them in to the Freya's sockets to check on the shape until I had it as close as I could get it.  Cat's eyes protrude more than one would think, like high dome doll eyes, so the rounds had to come out of the sockets the way a cat's would.  

Then because the Freya has a set up where the stems through a silicon grommet, I put in stems made from the ends of take out chop sticks.  The rough end went in to the clay and then I shaped the clay up around them again so they wouldn't be loose.  If they loosen when the clay drys, you can always put a bit of glue in and take care of that.

At least they are round where it counts. >.>;; 
I hung them up to dry on clothes pins and a hanger for 24 hours, then checked them for rough spots and fit them in the doll's head again. One was misshaped, probably from my putting the stem in, so I had to sand it down a bit. Then I wet my finger tip and smoothed the clay down from where I thought the pupil would be, so that any lines would be part of the iris.  I let them dry for another day and then sealed them with matte gloss.  Another day of drying went by.

After fitting them into the sockets again, I marked them where the iris would have to be, and the diameter of the widest part of the eye so the doll could change point of view.  And that's where I am right now.  I'll do a little each day and eventually they will get done.  I think it will be much easier for me to paint the doll with the eyes I want looking at me so I can really see the finished cat's face in my mind.

Oct 22, 2013

Well, after much arguing with the paint (water color maybe not such a great idea...) I think it's time to quit.  I sprayed them, so the color layer is stuck as is.  I managed to get the color I wanted, from a photograph of the original Jazz.  She had the most amazing lime green eyes with ocher specks in them.  I'll have to set the eyes in, mark the pupils again, and then decide how I want to handle the high lights in the pupils.   

Oct 23, 2013

Finished.  I just want to let them dry for 24 hours because they've got a good 3 coats of Liquitex Gloss varnish on them (2 hours in between layers) and were a bit tacky to the plastic when I tried them in Jazz's sockets.  The silicon holder that comes in Hujoo doll heads makes a good drying rack for them.  The larger holes are actually where the posts of the eyes go, so they can be adjusted in situ, but for now the smaller stabilizing post holes are where the stems are--fairly stable. 

Shiny photo is shiny.  Many many thanks to Ophiaca for cluing me into the grey tone adjustment on my camera.  It didn't come with an owner's manual and I couldn't find one in English online.  Just that one simple thing made such a difference. ^_^  I'm all classed out or I'd take a photography class.

October 24, 2013

The eyes were still a bit tacky this morning so I let them dry all day.  Testing them this evening, big improvement, so I'll give them one more day, until 2 pm tomorrow.  I was afraid they  might stay tacky but they are 'curing' so I'm glad.

October 26, 2013

Not in a photo mood this evening, but I did managed to get Jazz's face painted and her final coat of MCS is drying right now.  I tried getting the white paint to make thicker lines so that it looks like hair from an angle, but painting white on white, even with a tint of grey in the first coat; difficult.  I really should get some books on at least the painting on rocks series.  O_o  I've always been so impressed by the way they make them look so real and they're just rocks.  


  1. These will be so cool! And they will fit correctly since they are custom eyes!

    1. If I can get them perfect. The Freya's wrap around eye holes are sort of tricky. I had to do a little more sanding and re-smoothing. We'll see how this comes out. O_o


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