Monday, October 14, 2013

Budget Doll Shopping, Mixing and Matching Dolls

Skipping over all the controversy, I've always looked for dolls on a budget.  Lately I've been looking for a new SD girl body to work with.  My Dragon Doll girl has a longish abdomen that puts mini-skirts on her at just above knee on other dolls.  I can adjust for that in patterning, but for some designs, she's just not the right model.

Because I was down with something icky this weekend I spend a lot of time with the stupidphone (I refuse to call them smart) looking through doll sites and comparing dolls.

Before I was happily thinking, okay, healthcare as soon as the california web site actually works then I'll know how much to budget for a Migma from Soom. (Note: the site seems to work, until you get to the price comparisons  then it's like Whut? We'll wait a bit longer until things settle down more since coverage doesn't actually happen until January.)

Then I was looking at doll faces (still searching for a certain head 'look', rather than have to make my own!) and saw the Only Doll Zhuo Yue.  And I thought....wait a minute...


And then the body.  (Yes they are naked dolls, how the heck else are you supposed to actually compare them?)

Migma's Super Gem (minus some boobage by a cm or 2) and Only Doll's 65cm girl 
The difference being Only Doll's 65cm girl has a 1 cm smaller waist.  The much shorter crotch measurement, that's from back waist to front, or from waist to chair when seated, would put a skirt length in a more normal position on girl dolls in general for designing purposes.  Other difference?  Migma $584 (alice) $795 (Rauco) and out of stock at Soom, vrs Only Doll $506, pre-order, and 6 month layaway plan with Mint On Card (the site is closed for vacation as of this posting so you have to look on the main Only Doll Large Doll listing for the price.)

And if you only wanted the Migma 'look' in a head, Only Doll's Zhuo Yue head is $109 at Mint on Card. The situation being the limited resin colors.  No purple. (Ritt bath anyone?)  The head is 24 cm around, which seems huge, but if her shoulders are 12 cm across, and the photo comparison looks proportionate, and you know that the company's heads have matched similar doll bodies, there you are.  I know I can put an Only Doll head on my Dragon Doll body.

Which brings me back to another obsession I've been having, despite my issues with small fashion dolls and not being able to sew for them.  

I love Momoko-chan. Check out this blog, Special Toy Box!  She's the perfect little doll house doll (don't taze me, 1/12 people!)  Her little face just makes me smile every time I see it.  When I first saw Xaga Doll's Lara, I thought, hmm, she's--familiar looking.  Then I compared her to Momoko and thought, ah, well, if I ever get the urge, because there is a really crazy part of me that wants a 1/6 BJD for my BJD SD.  She'd look so cute dressed up Lolly with a doll of her own, and while Momoko seems fragile to me, (especially after  buying a Freya) a resin 1/6 fashion bjd is more to my liking now.  

Xaga Doll's Lara compared to Momoko-chan (whose nose is hard to see but the same!)
While Momoko can run from $120$ and up from there depending on her outfit at purchase, Lara is listed at $218 at Mint on Card.  (Once again, site closed, look on the main 1/6 page listing).  She's a bit large in the bust compared to Momoko, but hey, what's Dremel for?

Maybe next Christmas, 2014, if Mint on Card doesn't fall out with Xaga Doll.  I'm getting a bit scared these days.  What if the company who's dolls I want get's dumped?  I know they have their reasons, but if people are willing to put up with things in the second hand market, I'm willing to put up with things brand new.  So far I've only had one bad experience with a dumped company, and that's more than fixable.  

And since I've got a Freya to deal with, can the tiny fashion 1/6 Lara be any worse? I should see if she would fit Momoko clothing or maybe Takara's Jenny?  Or maybe just get over it.  

Still, the purpose of this was to say, if you're searching for a new doll, take a good look around.  Chances are, you'll find a less expensive doll with the same or very close look (with some surgery! Mwhahahahaa!), or more affordable through payment plans, if you are on a tighter budget.  The guys are still tough, Iplehouse and Soom are still especially in a catagory of their own, but Spirit Doll is doing some similar looks, too.   And I've seen a strange similarity in the Angelsdoll guys as well.  But if you are budget shopping on your girls, that leaves more money for the tough to find guys. 

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