Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Only Doll Zhou Yue Wins the Budget Decision.

In my previous post on doll shopping, I was waffling over Migma vrs Zhou Yue.  I finally made up my mind (and the car had a nervous break down) to just get the Zhou Yue head, because she has a slightly sweeter face.  Now I know Migma is supposed to be an avatar of evil, but yeah, I like Zhou Yue's smile and she'll fit on Jiji's body for now.  And pre-order/layaway for the head is only $18 something a month.  I usually pay the order off entirely when it comes in. With the longer layaway, if something comes up, I'm only out one Saturday night's dinner out a month.  The BFF said "Put a dollar in an envelope for every cup of coffee you drink. You'll have Migma money in a month!"  O_o  Do I really drink that much coffee?  (hides the coffee cup)  Don't answer that.

Photos swiped from Mint on Card.  If you want her, catch them before Nov 13, so your order will go in. ^_^   She's a 66cm tall girl when bought whole, with a nice little figure.  I wouldn't mind her in their pink, it's lovely, but since Jiji is golden yellow, the head must be as well.  Then if I get Zhou Yue's very nice body later, my girls will be sisters.

The Etsy shop is in Vacation mode

I'm putting the Etsy shop in vacation mode until January 2014, to catch up with ALL my orders in progress right now.  o_o

I’m also looking for sewers/stitchers to recommend to customer’s queries for custom smaller doll clothing items, in the Xaga 1/6 Lara (there are more sculpts, too), Barbie, Obitsu, Azone, Takara Jenny, Momoko, smaller fashion doll range.

If you know of someone who does smaller than YoSD, more like Lara down there in the photo, and is very, very good, please let me know so I can check out their work and have a list to pass customers along. ^_^V

Thank you!

Example for clarification: Tiny Fashion (or Anthro) dolls with late teen/mature figures.   There are dozens of excellent child type 1/6 doll stichers who are well known, but I haven't personally seen so many for this type yet.  I've just started looking, though.

Xaga's Lara type dolls, 1/6 mature figure/fashion dolls under 27 cm tall

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Making Eyes for a Cat doll and finally, Cat ears.

Finished!  I'm not so good at painting white cats, but the eyes came out pretty good for a first try. So, moving up the post and rounding up my Cat theme, Jazz and Kiki. I wanted to get full daylight photos so it's a bit bright in the morning kitchen.

Jazz (in barbie clothes >.<;;) and Kiki with her finally finished ears. 
I'm debating a wig for Jazz, but her face up is okay.  Maybe later, I'll rethink it, but for now, it really does match the kitty I wanted her to resemble.  The barbie clothing was laying around from a long ago repaint, and settled the theory that barbie clothing fits freya.  Maybe some old skipper stuff, but nope.  It's all an inch too big around for her.  At least the skirt hangs low enough to let her tail pop on over the back waist band.

 Kiki's ears are the ZirconMermaid pair of cats ears.  I love their shape and waited forever to get a 1/4 size pair, but they were a pain to paint.  I used matte Mr. Super Clear on them and the paint just rolled off, so I cleaned them off and put the paint on the bare resin and while it tried to roll off as well, I put some matte gloss in the paint and it stayed put.  Once that first layer was on, everything else was fine.  Then I sealed them.  I went with trying to match Kiki's skin tone and very neutral so she could change wigs and still have her ears as correct as can be under the circumstances.  Now she needs her hip surgery.

More photos and the original starting post under the cut tag.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Information Main Menu

Notice: I do sew and tailor clothing for People. You can find that information at my Dressing Cats blog.  The Customer Waiting Lists are the same for both sides of my sewing business.


Doll Clothing Commission Information.

Customer Waiting List

My shop on Etsy.

Personal Projects I'm updating rather than making new posts for each time.


Contact is from Mon - Friday 9 am to 5 pm Pacific Time Zone.  

I check my email in the morning and evening during business hours now that I no longer use a 'smart phone'.  You will have a response with in 24 hours.  

Friday, October 18, 2013

AngelsDoll 65 cm, Evan's Baseball Jacket from Soul Eater

This updating report is for AB

To fit an AngelsDoll slim male body: Deposit paid, expected finish October.

Edit: Post moved up for organizing projects now on the work table.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Commission Soul Eater Cosplay for Island Doll Amber and Doll Love Luck

KH has sent her deposit and is booked for October 2013.  Start date, October 1, 2013.
Island Doll Amber: Maka's trench coat
Doll Love Luck: Death the Kid's black and white suit and shirt with red line trim.

Post moved up for organizing current project on the work table.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Commission Volks YoSDG Jun as Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Pristine Crimson has ordered a Madoka outfit for her adorable Jun Tachibana.

School Tunic, with a faux undershirt collar, bow, the pleated skirt and socks.  The fun part is, I have an almost exact woven plaid I could not resist buying last January and there it was, the perfect one for the school uniform!  One of the things I like about this uniform is the use of lace or ric-rac edging and the architectural puff sleeves.  There's also a little keyhole opening in the back which will make it much easier to get over her head, and a seam down the back that I can cheat with a concealed opening.

I'm aiming for the third week of October or sooner delivery on this one.

Post moved up for organizing projects currently on the work table.
Not Madoka but one of her classmates, in the uniform. Official picture, studio artist's work. 

Monday, October 14, 2013

Budget Doll Shopping, Mixing and Matching Dolls

Skipping over all the controversy, I've always looked for dolls on a budget.  Lately I've been looking for a new SD girl body to work with.  My Dragon Doll girl has a longish abdomen that puts mini-skirts on her at just above knee on other dolls.  I can adjust for that in patterning, but for some designs, she's just not the right model.

Because I was down with something icky this weekend I spend a lot of time with the stupidphone (I refuse to call them smart) looking through doll sites and comparing dolls.

Before I was happily thinking, okay, healthcare as soon as the california web site actually works then I'll know how much to budget for a Migma from Soom. (Note: the site seems to work, until you get to the price comparisons  then it's like Whut? We'll wait a bit longer until things settle down more since coverage doesn't actually happen until January.)

Then I was looking at doll faces (still searching for a certain head 'look', rather than have to make my own!) and saw the Only Doll Zhuo Yue.  And I thought....wait a minute...


And then the body.  (Yes they are naked dolls, how the heck else are you supposed to actually compare them?)

Monday, October 7, 2013

Retro Butterick B5813 Part 2

I started this project a while back with every intention of finishing it in a week or so.  Well, mice, men, plans, as the poet said.  It's done!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Postage Fees, International Requirements, Customs.

It's official, the United States Postal Office is insane.  Every blasted time I go to post something, a rule or a set of charges has changed.  So:  

1. Nothing any seller can do is going to make everyone happy.  

2. Yes, any fees like Paypal, and listing fees, should be factored into the original price, that is the COST of the item.  I do that myself as much as I can.  However to insist on the customer not paying for fees is like asking the seller to give you money for buying from them.  Think about that.  Seriously.  

3.  ?@$^%$#%! Postal charges!  I'm always ending up paying out of pocket for international shipping and it makes me so bitter, because I'm basically giving away the money I worked hard to earn.  Especially when it goes up by $12 USD here and $12 USD there, and I only charge minimum wage as my payment to ME.  Which is going up in California in June of 2014 so YES, I will raise my prices accordingly, because with the minimum wage hike, all the prices will go up and we'll all be right back where we started, only more inflated than before.  

4. You can't get international shipping tracking with the USPS now without  50$ charge.  Last time I was there, it's $50 no matter what size, letter, or package. O_o  You CAN, however, get registered mail, which is now the best safest because someone signs for everyone who touches it until it reaches you and is now cheaper than Tracking. o_O.

My shipping policy as it stands NOW.  I know the USA prices for everything.  
International Shipping is a nightmare when my post office and the foreign post office are requiring different things, like mine telling me You only need this, when the foreign post office and customs 
REALLY needs that!

Please, Contact me with your zip or mailing code and ASK first, and I will look up the costs first!   I don't want anyone to feel badly treated or shocked by sudden charges.  >.<  

Let me know what other things I need to do to smooth your package through customs and so forth in your country.  

After all, customers are not only my income, a roof over my head and food on the table, they are people who love dolls and want something special for their dolls and I'm honored to be chosen to make those special things.  I know how I hurt when I'm screwed over, and I don't want to hurt anyone else.  

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Sewing Faux Leather

I've been having issues with this one particular faux leather for ages.  I only realized it was the same stuff after buying it recently on a potential commission and though, OMG NOES! it's the same thing!  I threw away a whole attempted jacket a few years ago.  (Do not get me started on the faux leather fetish someone obviously has in costuming on 'Andromeda'.)  As of Tuesday, I found out how to sew any other 'pleather' (poly-vinyl leather) but this blasted brown one.

I went through pages and pages of googling and even begged the people at MJTrends where I bought it for help late at night when I should have been asleep!

Then I finally kept Googling everywhere and anywhere and noticed something on an industrial web site.  I tried it.  It worked!  This is after going on a spending spree I didn't have the money to actually do at the moment (hello health care mandate...) and buying this special needle and that special needle, a special thread and baby powder and tape and tear away stabilizer and a teflon sewing machine foot and all the other stuff I really---didn't need!  None of it addresses the REAL problem here!  Not ONE of those things!  Ah well, I'm sure I will eventually use all that.  My walking foot (a sort of mini steam roller type sewing machine foot) has always stood me good before, but not with this particular stuff; the visibly harmless and buttery soft 2-way stretch matte brown vinyl, some sort of species all to its self apparently.  O_o  (I can sew that nasty shiny rubber wear stuff too! dear god one of my dolls needs those pants, ROFL!)

Behold the proof!  with a sloppy last minute attempt at a bound button hole, which will go much better with hand basting, but hey, being able to make it look THIS good on the sewing machine, score!  Of course it's a sample so the stitching is in white for visibility.  The gathered piece is a quicky from memory run of the collar on on the one coat in the new Star Trek: Wrath of Sherlock (heh-heh) and a normal seam along the 2-way stretch, with top stitching.  It's late in the afternoon, I'm dead tired from fussing over this and to me, that button hole is a crowning achievement.  Wait till you see what I can do when I have had a good night's sleep!