Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Trouble with Freya Part 2: Solved!

So, in the saga of poor Freya, with all the moaning and whining going on, I'm not one to leave a problem alone.  Having her just fall to pieces like that, either it's lack of sleep or the blasted hot weather, but yeah, cry like a big sissy on my part: I think so.  My dolly broke!  WAAAAAAHHHH!!!!   >.>;;

Anyway.  We fussed over it and put her back together and then while I got to work on dyeing some fabric (another thing going right today! Yay!) the BFF said, it's not her head, it's her neck.  It's too round on top and the tube is just too wide for the string. So after making the top of the neck more like a cone than a mushroom (should have, but didn't photo, I was busy!) and rolling up some card stock and stuffing it down her neck, YAY!!!  No more broken neck!  Freya-kitty-Jazzcat will be much better with some YoSD string, and the silicon grommet on the top of the neck, but she's not a broken sad little kitty any more.  She's still wobbly on her toes, because the elastic is very thin stuff for making barbie sized clothing, but she's ALIVE!!! Mwahahahahaaaa! (okay I had to do that.)  I'm so very happy, she's just adorable!  Now while I wait for the new strings and my Pupa Paradise order, I can pattern for her and paint her up.

Her eyes keep doing their own thing. I need to make her cat eyes.
I love how her tail poses.  Didn't fuss with it much in the photos, but it's pretty cool.  

Her head goes a whole range now, and stays put!  

I really like her face sculpt in all angles. 

And with her head tipped down a bit more than it would have with what ever those
little catches were about,she doesn't look 'mean' any more, just focused and curious. 

Now, as with all good things, this comes with another problem.  I've got a girl with a fashion doll figure that's in my 'oh, hell no' range. O_o. I can either dress her in little girl clothing and just ignore it, or once again not leave well enough alone and start fighting with yet another "I'll be darned if you win, you inanimate object!" problem. I think she's going to get the little girl clothing and be happy about it.  My big cat girl can have the fashion habit.  If I ever get Kiki's ears to stay painted. 

So, a faux fur white wig for now, figuring out how to paint 'fur' on her in some places, and making her a nice little summer dress when I have time.  

Edit: I did contact JunkySpot after seeing the big difference in the new Nano and then in the male Freyr head, and they have been working with Hujoo to get the Freya head to be like the Freyr, but there have been glitches.  I'm much calmer now that I know Arashi's doll won't be a mess.  

Edit, Edit: Emory very kindly offered me one of the original Freya heads which will need just a bit of work but is made more like the new Freyr head.  And strings! So yeah, only t-eed off at Hujoo for messing with a very pretty little sculpt.  

September 16, 2013

I got the spare head and the strings (lots of strings) Emory Sung was kind enough to send me and had a good look at what was going on.  The Hujoo strings he sent were thicker than the original strings in the doll to start with.  I tried going without the cardboard I put  in the neck and still had the wobbly head problem with both the older version and the new head.  I decided instead of tying the body strings all in one big knot to tie them in two, one for each leg.  I also tried wrapping the strings around the upper pegs as shown in the photos and vids. It caused the head splitting problem again.  Two things seem to cause that, the little pegs in the neck that I carved off when I got her the first time, because the older model head still had them, and the wrapping of the strings around the upper pegs.  I put the cardboard back in the neck around the new strings, and kept my plastic grommet I had decided worked better than the chain link clamp.  She stood on one foot!  But then I went for the camera and yeah, just like a cat, she refused to pose again.  

Now for clothes and painting! ^_^V  

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