Monday, September 16, 2013

Silicon Suede-ing a Doll

Pupa Paradise has silicon sheets in stock, 15 cm by 32 cm and 1 mm thick, for 3$ USD at this posting, and a very nice tutorial up on this page.

I'm going to swipe all their neatly labeled and credited photos here just in case the page goes down or someone cant get to that site for any reason. All credit to Pupa Paradise and these are their images.  I'm going to restring a few of my dolls soon and slap some of this in where the mole skin (slides all over and falls out after 6 months) and hot glue (really, really bad move....glues the joints together in hot weather, hell to get rid of) didn't work.

So, go take a look around at Pupa Paradise.  Oh, and THEY ship right away, it's the Hong Kong postal service that drags things out. It can be anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks, but well worth the wait for DIY eyes and stuff like this.  Service on their part is fast, communication with customers is good and I like them.

Photo tutorial under the cut.

Masking tape, gotta love it!  


  1. Well now, that is cool! The photos are nice and clear, too.

    1. Smart companies have tutorials, but sometimes the Chinese web sites go off line. I like their eye kits a lot, I found them through SafrinDoll. Which reminds me I never got to the cat's eyes this week. O_o


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