Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Commission Volks YoSDG Jun as Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Pristine Crimson has ordered a Madoka outfit for her adorable Jun Tachibana.

School Tunic, with a faux undershirt collar, bow, the pleated skirt and socks.  The fun part is, I have an almost exact woven plaid I could not resist buying last January and there it was, the perfect one for the school uniform!  One of the things I like about this uniform is the use of lace or ric-rac edging and the architectural puff sleeves.  There's also a little keyhole opening in the back which will make it much easier to get over her head, and a seam down the back that I can cheat with a concealed opening.

I'm aiming for the third week of October or sooner delivery on this one.

Post moved up for organizing projects currently on the work table.
Not Madoka but one of her classmates, in the uniform. Official picture, studio artist's work. 
I have the fabric, ribbons etc, in stock, but I need to get the measurements sorted.

Sept 10, 2013

I need to pick up some cream color cotton next shopping trip. I have everything else in stock but that.

Sept 13, 2013

Nearly forgot to put up that I found a color of creamy yellow the other day that matches this image exactly.

I have the little lace now, and the small black and red ribbon trim, I just need to remember to pick up the 3/8 to 1/2 inch? red bow ribbon. That bow is two different size ribbons. O_o  I want to finish the tunic and then compare it to ribbon in the store for the proper size.   So I'm all ready to go! ^_^

Oct 2 Update

I have everything now, including the bigger red ribbon, and will start patterning this week.

Oct 9 Update

Waiting on a measurement of the dolls hand spread so the sleeves will go over her hands.  ^_^

Oct 14 Update

I've got to sort out the sleeve puff and closure issues with the tunic and should be done this week.  A bit of a cold set me back last week on everyone's work, but I'm still hoping to ship this in time to arrive before Halloween, if the customer is going to be ready for it.

Oct 18 Update

Everything is cut out and ready to sew.  I just need to figure out how to get the keyhole opening in the back of the tunic along with the real opening to fit it over the doll's head.

October 21 Update

After a few setbacks I'm ready to sew, photos tomorrow!

October 22 Update.

Despite efforts of the house to collapse on me (we need a major bathroom redo, tub, wall everything with repair men walking through giving estimates) I got the pleats pressed and sewn down in the skirt today.  From here, it's all down hill easy stuff.  Lots of detail sewing.

October 23 Update

Assembling is coming along, but I'm about to hit the 'heck of a lot of hand sewing' point.  Along with putting in the sleeves and finding the right length: the false pockets need tacking down, the bow for the back waist is ready to be sewn together, the skirt needs a snap and a hem, the thigh hhigh socks need a hem on the tops, the false turtleneck shirt needs a snap ( photographed it backwards O_o) and the bow, and the whole thing needs all the ribbons sewn on.

October 24, 2013

I was trying my best to make the tunic a pull over so that the point on the back hem would be 'just so' but that just didn't work out.  I'll use vinyl snaps (clear plastic and flatter than metal) to close the back.  Also, with the hand spread, I don't dare make the sleeves as closely fitted as the anime image.  I'm a little despondent.  Still, it's coming along.  I'm down to all hand sewing now so it's going to take a day or two.  I'm hoping to have it all done tomorrow night, but I've had a lot of 'reality' interruptions lately.  Thank goodness my job keeps me in fantasy land most of the time!  ~_^

October 26, 2013

The tiny ribbon has been giving me grief on the top.  I've taken it off and put fresh on twice, once by machine and once by hand.  If I don't like the looks of it, it's certainly not going to the customer until I do. The rest of the outfit is ready to go, along with the cuffs and bow for the top.  Perhaps tomorrow will be a better day for arguing with the ribbon.  I don't like the neck bow either.  It looks bigger on the anime character than on the doll. I think a wider ribbon would be much better.  But the shop isn't open until Monday (Hobby Lobby closes on Sunday).  I'm going to have to break my self imposed deadline.  I can't possibly allow it to go out looking sub-par.

October 28, 2013

Finished.  Keeping in mind that my doll's shoulders are broader by 1 cm, arms are 0.5 cm shorter, and thighs are shorter by 1 cm, I've photo'd the outfit on doll and off.  The socks are cotton/9% lycra and fit snug to keep them up.

As stated earlier, I couldn't make the sleeves fit as closely as I wanted because of the Volk's doll's hand spread. And in the front photo, the sleeves need a bit of a pinch at the shoulder poof to get them back into shape, I should have done that while photographing.  I noticed after photographing that the bow on the back needed a snap to hole it straight and put one on.  I wanted to change the red bow tie, but then when I held the bigger ribbon up to the doll, it looked a bit huge.

And my work table has dried white paint splatters on it now to embarrass me even further.  >.>;;
All the photos are huge and can be opened in another tap to have a better look.

Front of everything. 

Backs with all the snaps showing (except the cuff ones) 
I should mention that when I make socks, I make the seams go up the inside of the leg, so there is a right and left sock, the point being the big toe side.  It's my way of cutting down bulk in shoes as well as hiding seams from the camera as much as possible.

The front of the tunic should be down lower but
I hiked it up when I was spreading the arms out. >.<;;
Edit: I can take better photos of the top fit when it's done drying, at the time I posted the photos I had washed everything for shipping.  

November 4, 2013

USPS tracking shows the package was delivered Oct 31, 2013.  

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