Thursday, September 12, 2013

Ciel Gets Camera Time

Ciel is off the shelf for the re-patterning of the Detective Greatcoat in a size that's his horizontally but not vertically.  He's been dreadfully neglected lately and as the first doll in the house, is getting a complex about being left to collect dust and *gasp* cat hair.  For some reason my cat thinks Ciel is his, since he was a baby at the box opening and bonded with Ciel faster than I did.

Photos under the cut. ^_^

For Aernath's amusement, Ciel in the 72 cm size coat.

"Stop snickering, you fool demon, and bring me my high heeled boots!
  I'm going to be this detective fellow Mr. Doyle has invented for All Hollows Eve.
If I don't come up with something, Lizzy will have me in another damned dress!"  
I tried it on him to see how many sizes the pattern had to come down for Aernath's Mr. Holmes.  (If you haven't seen her photo shoots on Den of Angels, you must! Doctor vrs Sherlock is awesome fun! She's even got the sonic screw driver!).

For K.H., I'm a doofus, I looked all over for them and there they were, still on his legs.  And no staining! Yay!  Elastic painted black with Scribbles fabric paint, stamped metal bit cut off a jewelry filigree ball bead cap thing.  (his original pants from Luts, now way too long after I chopped his too long ankles down.)  You know a doll's neglected in my house when he's still wearing his original full set. O_o  But he looks silly in shorts all the time when everyone else is in long pants.

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