Thursday, September 5, 2013

Another Doll: Hujoo's Freya

Edit: She needs so much work, poor baby!  
Further Edit: post clearing up the whys and where fors. 

A good friend, Arashinoookami, whom I know from manga fandom participation is BJD-curious and we've been going back and forth for a while now about dolls, and everything about them.  And she mentioned the Hujoo Freyr as a good starter doll, because she's familiar with figures and kit figurines (omg the Tiger and Bunny figures, wow! I was not aware 'gundam' type figures could be so fantastic!).  I thought she meant Freya which I had sort of blipped over before.

Junkyspot's Hujoo Freya/r
I'm a regular customer of JunkySpot, not crazy regular, but it's one of my go-tos for eyes, wigs, good stuff (tools, spray, you name it!) and got my second doll, Kyou, from them.  I think Jiji might have come from them too, but she was gifted to me by well meaning friends, (the little princess!)  So I'm aware of the Freya dolls, and didn't know about Freyr.

Today I was foolish enough to look again.  I had neglected Freya in my search for THE cat doll, because she was ABS and Grey, and out of stock and yadda yadda.  To me, her look is sort of harsh in the photos they have up.  I guess the whole Cheshire cat crazy-happy look (I love that little guy, but no...) was part of my opinion at the time?  Anyway, I looked today at Freyr and watched Asenva's wonderful vids (she gives great vid!) and heard her say the boy and girl faces were different.  So I went back to Freya to see what the difference was.  And then found some customer photos of their Freyas.

What a difference being able to see the doll 'in real life' always, always makes!  She is more like a Dear Mine Dorothy, which I had considered but also turned away from, because of size and always out of stock when I have the money!

Freya can have a very sweet face, and the white was in stock and I fell hard for her, right on my wallet.  Not that hard because being a Hujoo and ABS, she's a tidy $45 before shipping.  I'm still waiting on my "okay you bought her" email from JunkySpot, I have my paypal notification I spent the money.  (I'm like omg omg please don't let her be sold out!)

And...I just found THIS, 12cm Nano Freya will be out soon!  KITTENS!  (Yes, I always use caps for emphasis; you mad, bro? ^_^V)

So, Freya might just be The One, and hold me together on the whole 'I want a cat doll' thing until I get around to odering, THE ONE, the 300$ 3d printed (how awesome is that!) EVETHECAT.  But my heart will always belong to Shafuey.  I may become a crazy cat-doll person eventually.  Surrounded by muffling shawls and boxes of tea with a little oil heater in a five mat room somewhere in Asahikawa, Japan, half buried in cat dolls. O_o  (yes, this is my retirement dream, bwhahahahaa!  Someplace COLD!).

In the mean time, I'm going to try one more time to paint the ZirconMermaid cat ears I got for Kiki.  The MSC spray is flaking off them and not taking the paint and I'm wondering what I'm doing wrong.  Different type of resin?  I'll have to break down and ask someone.  That's almost as bad as 'reading the instructions'.

September 9, 2013

It's not t-mobile this time. It's Google.  I couldn't get into my blogger for a whole hour.  O_o  It kept telling me I had logged out elsewhere and did I want to log back in. Over and over...And then finally got in by going to Google's home page and using the menu there to get to Blogger.

Anyway, I hope this loads.  I got Freya today, and I must say, she's not resin, that's for sure.  (yes, I knew that) I'm just complaining.

What's Wrong:

The main issue appears to be with her neck/head bits.  She's strung too tight, the little metal ring that clamps the knot slides down her neck hole and makes her head tip funny.  I had to take off two bits back and front that were making the back of her head pop open at the base.  There is some flashing.  Her elbows pop out and can lock up wrong without notice if you're not careful and could possibly snap the extensions off her upper arm part.  BE CAREFUL or you will have a broken dolly.  I'm going to set her aside until my Pupa Paradise order shows up with the silicon sheets in it I got for joint sueding and then change that stupid clamped on piece of metal for an s hook.  Maybe I can losen her strings up 1/4 of an inch more play, or the silicon will sort it until they stretch a bit with time.
    She can't sit in the rocking chairs I have for the YoSD sizes, her head's too big.  She has to sit on the edge or keep her head tipped down in front.  I might have to mod a chair for her.
   Domed eyes, not good.  I tried 18s as someone said, then 16s had to be it for now.  I'm going to use a tutorial and make her eyes if I have to, because Cat's eyes do not have the whites of their eyes showing. It's okay for the more anthro dolls, but with a fully cat face, nope, I like the more animal look.
   Almost forgot the tail magnet issue.  Gorilla Brand crazy-type glue, and  just glue the magnet directly on her butt.  Just make sure you get the big one in her tail and the thin one on her butt.

What's Right

She's very pretty.  Even with the high domed eyes I have for her right now.  I'm looking forward to having the inner calm to paint her up.
She's not dead blinding white, but cream.
Hujoo tried to give her surface a resin doll-like texture (sort of like very fine eggshell if you're not familiar with it.)  I think this will help a lot when I do paint her.  I'll have to use acrylics, though.  Water is going to bead up and not be happy.
Posing and standing, very good, with her head/neck fixed, she'll be fine.

She came with a fish.  A green 'gold' fish.  Very confusing.
Perhaps it was being stuck in a shipping box that did the deed?

You can see the bump on the front of her neck that keeps her head stuck in one place in front, the other is behind the string knot and chain link ring arrangement.  They seem to have been intended to help in posing but they forced the head seam open from the neck up if the doll's head was anything but horizontal on her neck.  I was dismayed until my "oh just take a knife to it" attitude kicked in.  Nothing can't be cured with a knife. *twitch*  Okay so I've learned to be a bit psycho with dolls. >.>;;

My pretty girly! 
She has a nice little body, other than the joint issue.  They did a close enough job of making her look like a 'real' bjd. If they ever put her out in resin, so much the better.  I think she'll wear out at the elbow joints fast.

I think with the right eyes, (make your own tutoral from Scargeear) she'll look just the way I want her to. But that head/neck issue is going to slow down the whole project until it's figured out and dealt with. I can see why some people have real problems with the Freya (but not the Freyr and Frey) dolls.  I'll be sorting out patterns for her this week and seeing what I can get done for sample clothing, along with my customer's patterning.  

Furthermore:  After sitting done with her this evening to work with the patterning, she really does need restringing.  The knot is coming undone and I'm afraid she's going to go all to pieces if I work with her any more just to try clothing on her.  The metal ring really is just a chain link that's been clamped onto the under side of the knot, it slips half way down her neck and makes her head go crooked.  I believe a bit looser string and better 'grommet is needed.  

Really, Hujoo, it's like this head is an after thought on the doll. Even with the fixes I've come up with, it's still a mess.
   EDIT: Apparently it was Hujoo's idea to mess with Emory of JunkySpot's design.  So it IS their fault, not the original designer's.  
I wish she were resin.  That is the main thing wrong with her. I love her sculpt, I love her articulation, but she seems too fragile in plastic. 

Carve the lumps on the inside of her neck down
Restring her a tiny bit looser.
Get a replacement grommet, a real washer, not that stupid chain link.  It's going to chew her neck up inside.
Put a silicon ring cut to size for the top of the neck stem.
Do it all at once, and don't fuss with Freya/r until you have that fixed or it's going to be painful. 

My Pupa Paradise order is stuck in some sort of shipping hell, I got another shipping notification days after it was shipped.  That means no silicon sheet for any of my dolls for at least another 2 weeks. >.<;;  Only adding to the Freya frustration.  

I put a cardboard grommet thing in as a temp fix.  The S.O. said she needs hospital and should have a paper gown.  Lots of bad adjustment on the first photo, but you can see the 'fix' okay.  

She has such a sweet face when her head tips back a little.  

September 9, 2013

So much for the review that said you have to drill a hole for her tail magnet.  I glued it on her butt and it's perfect!  The tail part is counter sunk so the tail fits down over the thinner magnet and looks perfect.  I think perhaps someone got the thicker magnet confused with the thin one.  The thin one goes on the butt, the thick one inside the tail.  This may be why some one was saying the magnet in the tail was in too deep to work.  Simple mistake because in resin, the thin magnet goes on the hand and the thick one in the wrist.  *shrugs*

September 11, 2013

Freya blew to bits today. I had just taken her off the shelf to show my friend and BANG, the knot finally blew out and we had to pick her up off the floor.  I had some very thin cord elastic for making YoSD clothing and we had a little restringing session and got her back together.  It's temporary, though because this stuff is way too thin.  With another head to help me brain storm, we figured a few things out.  The grommet to replace the chain link is now a cut to shape piece of plastic.  And the reason her head was at a strange angle, the link being half down her neck, gave my friend an idea.  What we need is one of those long nuts you put on a bolt, small enough to set strait down in her neck a bit.  If the neck chanel is narrowed, her head should stay up where it belongs more.  Baring finding a long nut, I'm going to try rolling up some of the left over plastic lid and making one.  I'm still waiting on my Pupa Paradise order. It's just not getting the hell out of Hong Kong!  There must be a place local I can get silicon sheets.  I'm going to have to order more YoSD string anyway. In the mean time, Freya has a neck brace (a barbie stand) to keep her looking cute on the dolly shelf.  She does look adorable.  I didn't tie the temp string too tight so I can undo it easily, she stands up on her own and poses, but her head is more floppsy than ever.  Hujoo needs to be ashamed of themselves. >.>;;  


  1. If you need some quick sueding, I sometimes buy Dr. Scholl's moleskin (it already has sticky on the back) or if you have an auto supply place close you can buy a chamois, trim it and glue the pieces in place with Aleen's Tacky Glue. Denver Doll Emporium just started to carry oval eyes, too.Freya is adorable, I am sorry she has been such a difficult kitty! :D

    1. I think I've finally got blogger to let me reply? Let me know if this works when you have time?

      I find the moleskin slips and Pupa Paradise has the silicon sheets at around a dollar, so that's my next 'new thing' for my dolls. ^_^

      The Hujoo's are set up for stem eyes, but I want to try a tutorial I found on making eyes. Jazz is a memorium for my own Jas cat, so I want to make her eyes as like as possible. She's turning into a very good kitty with the mods now.

      I love your blog, it's so interesting. But blogger has got me in comment limbo. Or it might be my ad blocker.

  2. It looks ok from here! I'll be so interested to see how your own eyes come out--it's something I have wanted to try for a long time!

    1. Here's the link to Scargeear's tutorial post.

      Doooo eeeeet! I'm going to shut down the business on weekends and force myself to take 'my dolls' time now that I've got the hand of being my own boss.


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