Thursday, September 26, 2013

Classic Millitary Trench Coat Available for Custom Order

Patterned from a vintage dolman sleeved trench coat, and offered in your choice of color in Kona Cotton.  Can be pattern sized to any doll, boy or girl, with proper measurements given.  $110 before shipping, with style additions available at extra charge to make an Aussie Drover's coat or Pinkerton Agent's western coat.  Loose fitting and stylish, with working buttons and pockets.  Detail intensive stitching, fully lined, working belted straps at the wrists and shoulder, rain cape in back, and rifle patch on front.  (A military style coat, the rifle patch originally kept a rifle from rubbing into the fabric at the shoulder. The working shoulder straps were to buckle on a case or satchel strap for ease of traveling.)  The result is an actual 1/3 to 1/6 version of the original vintage trench coat.  

Monday, September 16, 2013

Silicon Suede-ing a Doll

Pupa Paradise has silicon sheets in stock, 15 cm by 32 cm and 1 mm thick, for 3$ USD at this posting, and a very nice tutorial up on this page.

I'm going to swipe all their neatly labeled and credited photos here just in case the page goes down or someone cant get to that site for any reason. All credit to Pupa Paradise and these are their images.  I'm going to restring a few of my dolls soon and slap some of this in where the mole skin (slides all over and falls out after 6 months) and hot glue (really, really bad move....glues the joints together in hot weather, hell to get rid of) didn't work.

So, go take a look around at Pupa Paradise.  Oh, and THEY ship right away, it's the Hong Kong postal service that drags things out. It can be anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks, but well worth the wait for DIY eyes and stuff like this.  Service on their part is fast, communication with customers is good and I like them.

Photo tutorial under the cut.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Ciel Gets Camera Time

Ciel is off the shelf for the re-patterning of the Detective Greatcoat in a size that's his horizontally but not vertically.  He's been dreadfully neglected lately and as the first doll in the house, is getting a complex about being left to collect dust and *gasp* cat hair.  For some reason my cat thinks Ciel is his, since he was a baby at the box opening and bonded with Ciel faster than I did.

Photos under the cut. ^_^

Finally, Blogger! Comments work!

I think the lethal combination of Ad-blocker and Google and its preventing comments and commenting has finally been solved!  What ever that glitch about logging me out all the time was, they've done 'something' that's allowed me to use the settings fix.

I'm still screening, though, all those vampirestat and troll site hits in my stats are scary.  Sad to know %75 percent of traffic is just those creepy things.  I wonder what those sites actually get out of this, because if you're silly enough to click on the urls, all it does is take you to a page that says what it is.  And I have Norton for the other problems.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Trouble with Freya Part 2: Solved!

So, in the saga of poor Freya, with all the moaning and whining going on, I'm not one to leave a problem alone.  Having her just fall to pieces like that, either it's lack of sleep or the blasted hot weather, but yeah, cry like a big sissy on my part: I think so.  My dolly broke!  WAAAAAAHHHH!!!!   >.>;;

Anyway.  We fussed over it and put her back together and then while I got to work on dyeing some fabric (another thing going right today! Yay!) the BFF said, it's not her head, it's her neck.  It's too round on top and the tube is just too wide for the string. So after making the top of the neck more like a cone than a mushroom (should have, but didn't photo, I was busy!) and rolling up some card stock and stuffing it down her neck, YAY!!!  No more broken neck!  Freya-kitty-Jazzcat will be much better with some YoSD string, and the silicon grommet on the top of the neck, but she's not a broken sad little kitty any more.  She's still wobbly on her toes, because the elastic is very thin stuff for making barbie sized clothing, but she's ALIVE!!! Mwahahahahaaaa! (okay I had to do that.)  I'm so very happy, she's just adorable!  Now while I wait for the new strings and my Pupa Paradise order, I can pattern for her and paint her up.

Her eyes keep doing their own thing. I need to make her cat eyes.
I love how her tail poses.  Didn't fuss with it much in the photos, but it's pretty cool.  

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Yay! Labels!

My label order finally arrived!  They are a bit big, but I can fold them and put them in seams.  I'll find a way to make them unobtrusive.  But now I can 'sign' my doll clothing! ^_^    

I got them at Heirloom Woven Labels.  These are nicely tight woven, professional looking labels that do not break down and fray away in the laundry, or stain clothing, not cheap printed ones.  I've used them before in sewing for people.  They sent some samples of their other items as well, and all are very lux.  This company has the lowest minimum order and the best prices for a small business.  They also do the other tags and things; clothing care, sizes, etc..  

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Another Doll: Hujoo's Freya

Edit: She needs so much work, poor baby!  
Further Edit: post clearing up the whys and where fors. 

A good friend, Arashinoookami, whom I know from manga fandom participation is BJD-curious and we've been going back and forth for a while now about dolls, and everything about them.  And she mentioned the Hujoo Freyr as a good starter doll, because she's familiar with figures and kit figurines (omg the Tiger and Bunny figures, wow! I was not aware 'gundam' type figures could be so fantastic!).  I thought she meant Freya which I had sort of blipped over before.

Junkyspot's Hujoo Freya/r

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Commissioned: Detective Greatcoat for Aernath's Supia 65.5 cm

The British Detective Greatcoat, with added working waist height pockets, for a
Supia 65.5 cm Joshua.

Note: Post moved up to start date for Project organization: Sept 3

Paid in full through Etsy order. Fabric in stock, Charcoal wool, with working upper pockets extra, and presumably the little red buttonhole. ^_^

To be started in first week of September and delivered before the end of September.

Addendum!  Aernath sent Photos of her doll in the coat!  Yay!  

Composite of the photos: Aernath's Supia Joshua as Mr. Holmes

Commission: Sherlock lounging outfit for Zenith

MonkeyGraph's Sherlock lounging outfit is now officially on the boards for next month! ^_^
The same outfit is also pending for another customer who was sweet about splitting the fabric.

Note: Post moved up to Start date for Project organization: Sept 3

Robe through Sherlockology, not sure about the shirt and pjs image. 

Commission: Idealian 72, Awesome Pants for Ophiaca

Ophiaca on Den of Angels' updating commission report.
Note: Post moved to up to Start Date for project organization.  Sept 3, 2013

This is why I do this work!  I would have never seen such an awesome designer's work without other people pointing the way.  I can already see some more fabulously complicated designs by this Designer I would love to try for my own dolls! ^_^

The designer is Rick Owens and I do hope I can do his designs justice.

Kahki Green fabric for this pair.

Red-Brown for this pair. 

More under the cut link! 

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Customer Wait List

STATUS:  Open for one commission per month for the time being, until I get used to the work routine again.  

June 2018: Open

July 2018: Open

Aug 2018: Open

Finished and shipped:

1. IPLemons

2. Youkaimoon.  01

3.  SpookyBoo

4. KingofCrowns

5. Mewcat

6. MonkeyGraph 01

7. MonkeyGraph  02

8. Youkaimoon  02

9. Aernath  01

10. MonkeyGraph  03

11. Ophiaca

12  Pristine Crimson

13  KH  

14   AB 

15  Aernath 02

16 Youkaimoon 03

17 Fishcake

18. MonkeyGraph's 04

19.  Fishcake 02

20. JR of Quire

21. Aernath 03

22. Cadmuss22

23. Winnie

24. Fishcake 03

25. Aernath 04 

26. G.H. 

27. 'D.V.D.'   


29. MonkeyGraph's 05

30.  Cadmus22 02

31.  GH 02

32.     N. Smith Korean Hanboks

33.  Yhlee

34. Fishcake 04

35. L.P

36. Lilsgirl

37. Fishcake  05

38. RJyu

39. Skello   (paid in full, customer wants hold on shipping to bundle orders)

40. Eric 02

41. Lils Girl  02

42. Cadmuss22  03

43.  LilsGirl 03

44. Skello 02

45. R.P.  (A failed order on my part, but instructive so check it out.)

46. Eric 03

47. Anandoll 

48. Fishcake 06

49 LilsGirls 04

50. Cadmuss22 04