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Idealian Calais Cloud Goddess Part 2

Youkaimoon's Calais commission update report, Part 2

Part 1 is here. 
Note: this is the inspiration dress, silk satin and cotton do not drape the same. 

August 22, 2013

An early update today because the fabric sculpture is just so pretty (or maybe it's just me?)  In bridal and formal dress ateliers  they have a chain hanging from the ceiling so that gowns can be hung at different heights to keep them off the floor. It makes for easier ironing and quick pinning without having to dress a mannequin.   You'd think I'd be smart enough to get out my old set, but the cieling hook I used to use is in our old place. So I used the ceiling light.  This way I could get up under the dress and make sure that even though the bodice was mushed on the hanger, the seams of the crinoline matched the dress.

Jellyfish shot! 

So, the first step is to pinch up the layers and get them organized.  This isn't a ready to wear wedding dress like the one in the photo so I chose to go all out with the design; lots of fabric, lots of sculpture.  My inspiration visual was to make her look like she's floating in a cloud.  (Can you tell I'm a Dior addict?)

The weight of the back is pushing the gown forward, but when it's on the doll the dress will hang properly because the 'floor' will be under it and it won't be able to tip.  You can see the straps hanging down that the poofles will be attached to.  They'll be hemmed off short of the crinoline hem when the dress length is finalized. 

Crappy lighting makes for a pretty effect.  

While this hangs out today (and we've been told to expect a power outage by the electric company today) I'm going to work on the fingerless opera gloves, and fabric flowers, and pattern the hanging storage case for this.  I want to let the skirt sort it's self out, peck at it, walk away and then fuss with it again until I have it just perfect, and then do the poofles proper tomorrow.  One thing about a doll dress, you only have 1/3 the hem of a real wedding dress to stitch up. 

August 23, 2013 Update

So. Many. Buttons. O_o  four to go.  
After that, nothing left but the hem!  And the gloves and the flowers, and the garment bag, which I'll go shopping for something pretty for tomorrow.  ^_^  If I don't roast to death.  I'll have to wash the dress again after it's done and let it hang dry because no matter how I wash my hands, I'm so paranoid about white.  (and yes I am a habitual hand washer, my chemistry teacher told us nightmare stories in high school and I've been EUGH, must wash hands ever since. O_o)  I'm going to have to pad up one of my guys to wear the dress for the final photos.  ^_^   I'll make the gloves and flowers while the dress soaks and drys.  

August 24, 2013 Update

Just a quicky for today. While I picked up some very neat "Paris" toil de jouey (spelling? O_o) for the storage case.  But finding a box to ship in is complex.  The department stores used to send out things in those sort of make it up flat boxes big enough for garments, but everything is in an "amazon" box now.  O_o  Ill have to make one and damn the post office.  (Like the guy who brown paper wrapped and mailed a five foot long stuffed sword fish, LOL!)    

August 25, 2013 Update

Okaaaay, I'm done fighting with the doll for the day.  He hasn't got the figure for this.  But the hem is marked.  All I have to do now is surge it off and hand sew it up.  O_o  And I still can't make small enough fabric flowers that suit my idea of what they should look like.  They come out too thick and stand too far up on the dress. So, I'm going to stomp my pride under the carpet and go see if Hobby Lobby has anything pre-made that will look small and pretty enough to decorate the drop waistline.  So, here it is hanging on the hanger straps, with the fingerless opera gloves.  I'll surge the hem later when the heat wears off a little, stitch it up, and rinse all the chalk, and probably dust from the AC out of it, then press it when it's dry and try to photograph it on the doll again tomorrow.  The print item in back is the storage case with the crinoline in it.  The owner can slot a hanger in it, and there are ribbons to hold the crinoline in place flat, and to go through the hanger loops on the dress so that it can be hung up in a closet.  The skirt unbuttons from support straps so that it can be almost completely flattened for ironing.  Then button it back up, give it a shake, arrange the flounces and poofs and pop it over the doll and the crinoline.  

Alaska is starting to look like a nice place to live. 

August 26, 2013  

It's hemmed!   I had a few false starts because the tucks make the hem super un-even in reality and I had to keep going back and messing with it, but it's done!  I just need to find the flowers (take a sample of the scraps with me) and a box.  There has got to be a box somewhere.  

August 27, 2013

I didn't get out of the house today, too much administrative stuff dropped like a 16 ton weight.  

August 28, 2013 

I have a box!  Granted it's a computer box, but hey, it's new, clean and big enough not to crush the gown.  
And free.  The guy at the shop was putting up a new display and I nearly fell into the box while shopping for a box.  
Okay so now for the pic barrage.   I'm done with everything BUT the flower.  I got some shiny white chiffon ribbon and found a small pin backing that's been in my stuff for ever, and will conquer my fumbly fingers to do this right.  I think my problem was the fabric.  I needed finished edge, very thin ribbon for something this small.  And let's see if T-mobile lets me finish this upload before midnight.  It's 6:46 now.  I just paid the phone bill, on time as always.  Watch them cut me off and drive me crazy.  >.<*

Now, because I don't have a doll big enough to put the dress on, I rigged up a thingie from the light fixture and one of my new 18" doll hanger (Nancys' Notions, 24 for 9.99$ pink or purple). It's kind of as close to the dolls height as I can get it, higher more than lower.  It's nice and crisply ironed and this is about where you ban all pens from the sewing room.  I kept checking my hands to make sure I didn't have anything on them. O_o  (remember this is a working studio with a portable AC in it not Home and Gardens magazine, kay?).  I had to adjust the photos because being right under the fluorescent lights always messes things up. 

When it's on the doll it should be more to the back, but rightnow, as you can see it's hanging from the middle by the little hanger straps I sewed in.  And the crinoline is hanging on it's own ropes so it's not co-operating with the dress.  You can see it's deflated a bit under the hanging weight of the gown over night. 

I didn't catch that one puff there. >.<;;  It should look like the other side.
Whoops!  forgot to put the gloves photo up.  Fingerless, slide on like socks, opening for thumb. They should go up over her elbows, her arms are shorter than my guy doll who modeled them for me. >.>;;

So, it's almost all packed up safe and sound now.  I just need to make the flower pin tomorrow while it's 102 out and then when the customer is ready, I'll ship in the early morning the day after payment. ^_^

I know this is for a doll from the Idealian 'Vampire' set, but I would smack that man if he got his drippy fangs near my white dress if I were Callais, LOL!  No matter how gorgeous Soom makes their men.  >.>

August 29, 2013, Final Photo

You never realize how gouged up a shiny clean smoked glass topped desk is until you take a photo of something on it. O_o  Anyway...
I couldn't get the flower to actually un-brighten enough to show what it looks like.  The cool thing is, you can see the real fabric and color in the reflection of the under side.  This is on a little pin backing so it can be put anywhere on the dress.  I used white satin ribbon and the flower is a gauzy white shining stuff that will hold up on it's own through washing if anything happens.

The project is paid for in full and ready for shipping so I'm going to move this post over to finished while it's open in front of me, and ship the huge box first thing in the morning before it gets hot enough to barbecue chicken on the side walks again.  I'll update the customer list after shipping.  

August 30, 2013 Shipped! 

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