Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Dragon Doll MSD Kiki Hip Socket Issues / Modification / Repair

Kiki has never been able to stand up properly.  She's a Dragon Doll MSD with an Only Doll head.

Here's her back story.  I got a free imperfect head as a New Year's gift from JunkySpot, and after about 2 years, thought I'll mod it into a kitty girl.  Then she needed a body (which is the evil of free heads...I later sold it and got the Only Doll from MoC) so I got her a Dragon Doll Body, because I love my Dragon Doll SD Jiji to death and she's perfect.

So I get the MSD body (from Mint on Card when they carried Dragon Doll) and it's strung...very oddly.  And I think, well, someone was in a hurry, and re-strung her properly, and she still didn't behave. One string for each side, arm and leg.  Totally flopsy! I restrung her and she was still flopsy. Then I thought, well maybe it's a length issue because she can't stand up straight, I could take a bit off the offending parts and fix her.  Nope, all the parts are the same length.  In repose, she's a beautifully manufactured doll, just like her big sister, Jiji.

See how she's tipped?  It's subtle but it's there.  

Her body twisted to one side and she collapsed (giving me many heart attacks.  Seriously I think she blew a valve) and after trying new string and all the restring tutorials out there, I finally got to where I could 'work' with her, as long as someone was standing by to rescue her the minute her knees always give out.  I didn't want to put her on a stand for photos.  That's not the point of having a BJD, although there are now some awesome stands out there including a tutorial for one on how to make a 'stake' stand for outside shots that does not show!  (Den of Angels has it in their files).

So Sunday last, I'm working on a dress making tutorial, and found something odd going on.  She's got brand new string and she's strung tight as I dare to string her.  Her legs pop out of joint constantly, even when her strings were loosened up a bit.  I'd been looking at a lot of tutorials and box openings lately in searching for a used doll, and some things started to filter through to my brain.

Look at this. (eugh, she needs cleaning...sorry about that)  When I got Kiki, I was just becomming aware of the new mods for making a doll better able to pose, and one of the ways was a side cut to the upper thigh, which some of my newer dolls like my Doll Love YoSD already come with.  So this never struck me as odd before.  Until now.  It's a strangely angled re-drill going all the way back into the main tube for the strings. Jiji does not have this.  But she's a first gen and all that and I thought maybe this was some new trick.

Strangely angled redrill that does nothing for the posability.  Note that her leg is backward to show the re-drill angle. 

And then I realized....Her actual socket hole is wonky.  If you were to have the hole where the actual string tube is angled, it would be where I've marked it in grey and and orange.  Her legs pop out of the socket front wise all the time.  The holes are at an angle where they pretty much guarantee the strings are aimed at popping the leg out of the socket.  Both hip sockets are drilled this way.  It looks like when they realized that that 1 1/2  or so thick chunk of solid resin pelvis was drilled wrong, rather than replace it, or at least patch it and re-drill, they just re-angled a new hole in the thigh.  Sad doll is sad.   

Off center string hole. Grey spot is where it should be. 

So, next time I get a free minute (and I'm stealing time now) I'm going to line up, mark and re-drill her pelvic string chanels.  So it's epoxy and re-drilling for Kiki. I need to order some Milliput, but grey or the more expensive white?  I need to drill a new socket hole, and then fill in the old hole and tighten up the redrilled channel.  I'll put a drinking straw in and pack the putty around it, and then redrill if needed.

If this works, she should be just as sweet a little dancing poser as Jiji, who can stand on one high heeled or flat foot without even fussing.  None of my other Dragon Dolls have anything like this wrong with them.  In fact I ordered two more big boys (second and third gen uncles) after getting Kiki's body without hesitation, they're gorgeous and really hold poses.

I'll follow this up later with an addendum to this post.

Edit: I think I'll redrill the socket first and then see how she poses with the strange cuts in her thigh before filling them.  They might work if the whole is in the right place.

August 24, 2013

I just ordered Milliput 'standard yellow/grey' epoxy putty.  I have no idea what color that is when it's dry, but it's going to be where the sun doesn't shine anyway.  And I might need to fix Jiji's ankles where they are starting to crack from her high heeled feet.  And some neck patching where one of them is getting pretty beat up but I can't remember which one right now. o_o  I should get some silicon joint pads and neck rings next time I order from somewhere where they have them.

In looking more at the joint situation, it's going to take a large dose of the stuff.  After I re-drill the hip socket hole, the TWO extra re-drills in the thighs will need patching.  The one slanted to the back is useless and is one the big reasons the thigh pops out.  I'm not so sure about the sideways re-drill. That one might be a pose enabler.  But the whole thing is so wonky because of that miss-aligned hip socket.  I'll be so happy when she's fixed!  Really, really over excited about how I'm finding more and more ways to fix my dolls.  I can understand why people sell dolls they don't get along with or are disappointed by; but unless it's a total loss, like times when I can't afford a new body for the new head that was supposed to fit on the existing body, I'd rather find a way to make it work.  I'm just that stubborn about things.

August 26, 2013

Amazon shipped my Milliput today so maybe I'll get to this project this weekend!  I want to test it over night first to see how it dries and if I can mix it correctly.  I've used epoxy before but only fixing stuff on my car.  And yes, I had a thought, but I came to my senses before I used automotive epoxy on my resin. >.<;;  god knows what's in that stuff to make it resistant to hot iron heat, oil and gasoline.  O_o 

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