Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Commissioned: Detective Greatcoat for Aernath's Supia 65.5 cm

The British Detective Greatcoat, with added working waist height pockets, for a
Supia 65.5 cm Joshua.

Note: Post moved up to start date for Project organization: Sept 3

Paid in full through Etsy order. Fabric in stock, Charcoal wool, with working upper pockets extra, and presumably the little red buttonhole. ^_^

To be started in first week of September and delivered before the end of September.

Addendum!  Aernath sent Photos of her doll in the coat!  Yay!  

Composite of the photos: Aernath's Supia Joshua as Mr. Holmes

Sept 6, 2013

Late start this month, but everything is ready to start Monday 9.  ^_^

Sept 10, 2013

Assessing the measurements shows my Ciel (Lati Red) is shorter than Aernath's boy, but about the same in the horizontal measurements give or take a cm.  Oddly mostly he's wider than Aernath's doll. He's very muscular for a mid-teens doll.  I'm going to pattern the greatcoat from scratch in Ciel's size, then grade up for height, since my original pattern is much larger.  Because of the proportions, this isn't just a matter of "scanning it in and shrinking the pattern".  That's how you end up with 'doll clothes' not people clothes small enough for a doll.

Sept 12, 2013

Patterning: Ciel does a size check.   I put him in the 72 cm coat to see what the range of size difference was. Ciel is only 58 cm tall after his ankle and neck surgery.  The fabric and lining is washed and prepped for cutting, and I have all the buttons set aside.

Sept 16, 2013

I've got the pattern done in my Lati Red's size and the muslin tested out with a few changes.  Now all I need to do is lengthen it here and there and it's ready to hit the fabric.  The Supia is longer in the torso by 3 cms, the abdomen by 4 cms and the upper thigh by 1, and has a wider hand spread and a slightly narrower neck, but other wise he's very close to my Ciel in all other measurements.  

Sept 19, 2013

The pattern is laid out and ready to be cut out.  I'm just going to hold off until Monday and do all the sewing next week.  I did remember the upper pockets are to be working pocket.

Sept 24, 2013

I think this is the only photo I took tonight where the camera didn't ruin the color.  I'm still hoping for Friday mailing, if I can stop having to go back and catch things that are just a tad off.  The white shape there is the inside bits for the side vertical pocket.  Tomorrow is collar and pockets, then sleeves.  I'm still doing my best to get it all done in time to mail Friday.

Sept 26, 2013  Update

Finished and packed to go!  I had a few glitches that turned up, but fixed them and OMG it's the end of the world, we're all doomed the sewing machine did all the button holes without messing up even ONE.  O_o  As usual I pulled out a long enough string to finish the red one with hand stitching to make it neater.  The front photo is a bit blury, which is what I get for just looking at the tiny camera screen and thinking it looked fine, and I was bit too tired to do a proper job of 'fluffing' it for the pictures, but it's done!  The coat is packed up and going to the P.O. tomorrow.

Sept 27, 2013  Shipped! ^_^ 

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