Thursday, October 17, 2013

Commission Soul Eater Cosplay for Island Doll Amber and Doll Love Luck

KH has sent her deposit and is booked for October 2013.  Start date, October 1, 2013.
Island Doll Amber: Maka's trench coat
Doll Love Luck: Death the Kid's black and white suit and shirt with red line trim.

Post moved up for organizing current project on the work table.

Now waiting on fitting shells for both dolls (discount applied to labor) and measurements.  I will be buying the fabrics.

Notes: I just did some figuring and it looks like if I use a 1/4 inch wide white satin ribbon for the Kid's stripes it will work very nicely. That's a very Mod suit he's got on, with the geometrics and  the drain pipe pant legs.  Have to filter in the Paco Rabanne or Pierre Cardin influence.
For the trench coat, I'll make the french cuffs working so that they go over the doll's hands.
There are no buttons on the Kid's shirt in the picture, but I'm assuming it's not just love holding his clothing on. (Jessica Rabbit joke)

October 2, 2013

I have everything now, including the dark denim for a pair of jeans added on as a special Thank You to K.H.  for cleaning out her fabric stash and sending me so many useful pieces!  I'll start patterning this week (is it wednesday already? O_o )

October 9, 2013

Still patterning.  I want to make sure the jeans fit as closely as possible, while still allowing for the joints.

October 14, 2013

After a bit of a minor whatever that germ was this past week, I finished the patterning today.  ^_^  Tommorrow the cutting out and sewing begins.

October 21, 2013

After a few minor other things interfering set backs, sewing is back on track.  Photos tomorrow!

October 22, 2013

As I mentioned in other updates, we had repair people going through today about the bathroom being remodeled and since it's a rental, we had NO say in what time or day they showed up, so yeah lucky to be home but not much done today.  However, I have pic spam of everything cut out (not showing the lining or the photos would be huge or too small and full of stuff.

jeans! But what color stitching?  Gold or white? 

The white shirt with Ahem, European style collar.  

Suit Jacket with the ribbon I plan to use for the bits. 

The slacks (thank you camera for catching all the wrinkles and white fluff)

Maka's trench
I have to ask what color stitching on the jeans.  And the pocket flaps and things are being saved for later so they don't get lost in all the pieces.

October 26, 2013

Why is it when I really want a certain color thread they don't have it in the thread size I want!  I finally got some not too orangy gold quilting thread to work up the jeans with.  It goes nicely with the dark fabric.  I'll obsess over a logo for the back pockets for a few days.  I know, I'll ASK!  Omg, score for the brain working.  (yes it's been that sort of month...)
Everything else is a mess of pins.  With all the black to sew and no lapels and only the collar on the shirt to work on this should all go very fast.  (winces at Fate laughing evilly at that remark).
I'm going to use the S.O.s silver car model paint on the buttons for Maka's coat because the gold has lasted so long on my 2 year old plaid uniforms for my dolls.

October 30, 2013

Finally things are really moving forward despite repair people, (who aren't actually doing repairs, just traipsing through without appointments. >.<;;)  I had a few false starts while the machine insisted on eating the thin shirt fabric and wrecking the jean pockets twice.  But after threatening it with the railroad tracks, it started to behave again.  Tomorrow I start sewing on the white ribbon.  I'm also putting on the false pocket and pocket flaps of a gakuran jacket for style.

They look dreadfully wide spread out like this, don't they?
The waist band and belt loops are in the work box.
Chalk marks need to wash out on pockets.

Non ribbon white is pattern paper for the pocket welt and flaps.

In need of a better pressing, but it's mid project.  
Now I hope tomorrow no one bangs on the door and makes me jump six feet when I'm concentrating on sewing a precise line. 

Nov 1, 2013

Lots of pins stuck in things.  I've got the sleeves basted on everything but Kid's jacket, because I've got the white ribbons marked and pinned for sewing.  My goal is to have everything done Sunday night or at least Monday.  Which reminds me, I'd better find the silver paint and get those buttons going. 

November 3, 2013  

This weekend has not been the most work friendly.  I'm revising my estimated finish time to mid-week if all goes well. >.<;;   Car trouble, phone trouble, lots of nice, healthy walking. *needs new sneakers*

November 4, 2013  

Lots of progress today, I'm glad to report!  Maka's coat is almost done, I barely remembered I need to sew in one of my labels, before sewing the lining to the outer shell.  Same for Kid's jacket.  So that brought the evening to a halt as I'd have to change thread again.  The jeans are waiting for their waist band lining, and then it's the home stretch, inseam, hem and snaps.  The slacks are in the same place, except I need to put the faux back pockets on.  The jacket has it's stripes sewn on, and the lining is ready, but I have to put the faux pocket welts on before sewing in the lining.  The shirt needs it's sleeves sewn in and all the top stitching and then the buttons and the tiny elastic loop.  The jacket is covered with white fuzzy bits right now from the stripes, and keep in mind that Ciel had a half inch sawn off his ridiculously long neck a few years back, so the high collar for Kid looks odd on him.  ^_^  I also haven't clipped the neck back seam yet so the jacket doesn't sit as far forward on him as it will when finished.  The shirt collar is un-pressed into it's fold as yet, but even so, it's sitting very nicely.  For a blury shiny white blob, that is. 

So inordinately proud of my nice new ironing board cover.  >.>;;
It's cotton knit.  Fabric and clothing wont slip off it when I'm ironing.
This is an awesome thing.  And it can be washed! 

"When will you make ME new clothes!?"
Nov 7, 2013

Yesterday was a dead in the water day.  The car was ready, I walked down to get it, it seemed fine, went shopping, etc.  Come home, hours later, the neighbor was saying something about gas fumes.  Sure enough, it was doing it again.  >.<;;  Back it went this morning.  So, I did a lot of the hand sewing today, and got the pocket flaps on everything but the baseball jacket, so tomorrow I should be done with the trench, suit and Saturday, the shirt and baseball jacket.  Even if I have to walk up and get the car again, I should be able to get the remaining work done by Saturday.  That will give me Sunday to wash everything, press it, photograph it, and have it ready to go.  Seriously must stop squealing SO CUTE! to myself every time I get to a major point in sewing. I think it's driving the neighbors crazy.  

Nov 10, 2013

Not as productive as could have been this weekend, but yes, I am down to the hand sewing on everything!  
Except button holes, those I do on the machine.  My nice new knit fabric ironing board just loves to collect lint and deposit it on clothing. O_o. 

I need to get one of those tape roller things tomorrow when I go shopping.  Everything still needs thread clipping, washing and pressing, but mostly hand sewing bits and pieces like finishing cuffs and buttons and linings where they are open to turn the garment right side out.  

Needs sleeves finished, de-linting, thread cutting, snaps, opening for lining sewn up.

Needs snaps, and hem, threads cut. 

Needs threads cut, buttons, holes, and an elastic loop to make collar stand up. 

Needs chalk removed, threads cut, snaps.

Needs buttons and holes, cuffs sewn on and finished, lining sewn closed. 

Nov 11, 2013

I had a few little things that needed adjusting, and then got everything but the button holes done.  I usually do save fighting with the sewing machine and button holes for the next day.  Kid's suit and jeans are washed and drying, because they have snaps.  

Nov 12, 2013

At last.  I had a few snaps and buttons to reset today, but everything's lined up now.  The one thing that's driven me nuts is the ribbon I used on the jacket.  When I was tidying things up and pressing everything to pack for shipping, and used the lint roller on it, the ribbon started to furze, so I trimmed it down. You can see little sparkles where it kept furzing. I'm never using Hobby Lobby's brand of ribbon again. To get all this way and have that happened is just awful.  If the customer wants the jacket replaced, there is enough time to do it before A-kon, but I'd like to see how the pattern fits on the doll.  
All the photos should show up larger when opened in another tab.  

The cuffs are on right, they just look odd in this photo to be annoying.
Inanimate objects hate me. 

This close up sucks but the loop wasn't visible any other way. 

Flip up the collar, button the shirt, and hook the loop over the button.
This keeps the collar nice and snug.  Fold the collar down neatly and adjust it evenly.
It's a trick from 1930s menswear so that a fellow can look put together without choking
under his tie.  

And the finished garment.  Optical illusion is optical, the shirt front is a bit rumpled on one side.  
Now here's the trick to dressing a doll with the shirts I make.  The sleeves are a bit longer, which really doesn't matter, because double jointed dolls have that extra length hidden in their elbows and buttoned cuffs will keep them from sliding down over the doll's hands.  

1. Put the shirt on the doll, do not button it up the front.  It might have to be down off the doll's shoulders a little if he's a big muscular boy.  
2. Button the cuffs and hook them over the doll's thumbs.  
3. Slide the jacket on the doll.  
4. Unbutton his cuffs and re-button them normally.  
5. Button up his shirt and adjust it, then adjust the jacket.

For smaller dolls, just put the shirt inside the jacket first, using forceps  long tweezers, or a crochet hook to pull the buttoned cuffs through, then put the combination on the doll.  

Nov 13, 2013

I'll be remaking the jacket with a better brand of ribbon. The Hobby Lobby stuff looks tightly woven, but it just isn't right.  It's like cheap bridal satin, it looks perfect and then boom, it self destructs.  Offray brand ribbon and trims (ironic name, no?) are the best stuff I've ever used and never had a problem with.  I just have to find some this week.  The jacket is a short term project, not a real time consuming one.
The next time I buy something I haven't tried before, I'll subject it to some abuse in the parkinglot and see if it holds up and if not, go back and demand a refund.  

Nov 15, 2013

The Offray ribbon did the same thing.  This is with doubling it up, using iron on glue paper to stop it fraying, making a ribbon glue sandwich, and leaving a half inch in the seam allowance.  The moment I used the tape roller on it to pull off the lint, the ribbon once again started furzing.  Both brands.  But other than a lint brush (useless) and the tape lint roller, what on earth is one supposed to use to get lint off black cotton?  So yeah, I'm using white cotton to make the stripes now on Kid's Jacket.  It's not quite as neat as the ribbon should have been, but the only other resorts are embroidery, or paint.  I didn't charge for embroidery, not expecting to do it. And I think fabric paint would look tacky.  While the fabric marker on the knit looks about right, as if it were knitted into the ribbing, I don't think it would go over well using white on black.  So, the cotton looks good.  I hope to have it finished Saturday evening.

Nov 17, 2013

The fabric stripes are a bit thicker, but, they will hold up.  Over all, I'm relieved with the look. It's not as perfect as I would have liked it, but with the ribbons not working in short strips, and shredding like that, I'll have to keep trim like this in mind in the future. (Another reason I blog all my projects.)

Update: KH sent me some photos and gave me permission to put up a few!  ^_^  She takes great photos.  They looks so stylish!

photo property of K. Herrington

photo property of K. Herrington


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