Friday, October 18, 2013

AngelsDoll 65 cm, Evan's Baseball Jacket from Soul Eater

This updating report is for AB

To fit an AngelsDoll slim male body: Deposit paid, expected finish October.

Edit: Post moved up for organizing projects now on the work table.

I checked around and if snaps can't be found, a lot of people have just used buttons, doll and cosplay, so that option is there.  ^_^ I'll be putting the stripes on the ribbing with acrylic fabric paint well thinned to act as a fabric dye, rather than laying on top like 'paint'.  The logo will be a felt applique, steam pressed to make it flatter and denser to be a patch.
Awaiting decision on woven or knit fabric for the body of the jacket.

August 24, 2013

I went with picking up some woven mustard color for the sleeves, to at least help with the matching process. I think the ribbing on the collar and cuffs being a bit darker, I might be able to use one of the better dyes on the market to turn a Yellow into Mustard.  It's a thought. I'll keep looking when I'm out shopping.

October 02, 2013

Unable to find mustard color ribbing, I've bought a yellow t-shirt and some tan Ritt dye.  Usually when I dye things with Ritt, I rinse them until the dye no longer washes out, and this has not caused a problem.  I've asked about buttons being okay rather than snaps and recieved permission. I plan on using a permanent fabric marker to make the stripes on the collar and cuffs and waist band.  The pointy head emblem  I'm thinking of using the knit fabric as appliques. It looks a bit darker than the ribbing part.  But then where the ribbing is shadowed, like under his chin in the picture above, it looks about the same color.   I'll start patterning this week.

October 09, 2013

Still patterning. ^_^  I'm hoping to get the knit fabric dyed this week.

October 14, 2013

The pattern tested out fine in muslin and I'm ready to start cutting and sewing tomorrow.  ^_^

October 18, 2013  Update

Redated the post for easier updating.  I ran a test dye on the knit fabric for the cuffs and it matched up with the woven for the sleeves perfectly!

October 21 Update

Everything is cut out and in pins, I should have photos up tomorrow of progress!

October 22 Update

We had the repair people through today so I got blessed little done, but this is the basic bits of the jacket, with the dyed to match knit fabric and a bit to make the patches out of up there over the sleeves.  The black lining will make the yellow sleeves look just a bit darker so they will match the ribbing cuffs, etc even better.  I'm not going to cut the ribbing pieces until the jacket is sewn together to save every millimeter of it.

October 26, 2013

I got another yellow t-shirt and make myself a scoop neck and dyed the ribbing to match the jacket so now I have more than enough for the jacket.  Waste not, want not.  ^_^
I'm going to put the scary 'happy face' on the back logo of the jacket.  KH said it was fine and I like the idea even if it doesn't show in the anime.

October 29, 2013

Sewing along, picked up my dyed to match knit ribbing and---what the heck?  It doesn't match!  Okay one t-shirt was this company and the other was that company.  Back to the shop I got the first t-shirt from on the bicycle this morning.  Fate is out to make me healthy before the hollidays of doom (to my diet that is. >.<;;)  Cloudy/Sunny day, fresh rain cleaned streets, cool breeze, time outside, grumble grumble complain.  ^_^ V
Everyone has fake grave yards and giant spiderwebs out so I get so see all the cool garden changes cruising by on my bike rather than driving and missing all of them.

Later:  Got the t-shirt, chopped the neck ribbing off, threw everything back in the dye, it's all the same color now, and rinsed in boiling water until no color came out.  Project back on track!

October 30, 2013

Ready to start working on the appliques (with bits of lint.)  Appliques, then the slash front pockets.  I'm still deciding on how to do the scary happy face. I'll do a few test pieces first.

November 1, 2013  

I got the appliques on today for the scary face, and washed off the chalk marks.  I tested the Crayola brand permanent fabric markers by marking a scrap of the t-shirt ribbing and following instructions, setting the color with a hot iron. Then I tossing the test piece into a bowl of hot water and left it for a few hours to see if it would bleed.  The collar is now pinned to baste on, and I've got to have a good look at where to set the pockets.  The cuffs are cut and marked, too.  It's nerve wracking trying to get a marker to make a nice line without bleeding or overage.  But the Crayola markers don't bleed on the knit, it just 'squirms' when I'm trying to work with it.  I'm betting they work great on woven cotton.  

November 3, 2013  

This weekend has not been the most work friendly.  I'm revising my estimated finish time to mid-week if all goes well. >.<;;

November 4, 2013

The collar is basted on, and the cuffs are on.  I'm working out how to do the pocket trim.  Sewing knit ribbing welts onto woven pockets is complicated. I always have this "go look it up in the book yet again" moment when it comes to welt pockets.  These being wider welts, it's a bit more confusing to my brain.  

November 7, 2013

The rest of the patterning for the waist band and pockets is sorted and I hope to finish this weekend.  

November 10, 2013

Almost done! ^_^  I just need to do some pressing and thread cutting, finish hand sewing in the lining, buttons and holes, and draw the stripe on the waist band of the jacket.  Then after I wash it, I have to press down the collar to match how Evan wears his.  

Nov 11, 2013

Just need to put the button holes on. ^_^  

Nov 12, 2013

Done at last!  The waist band looks a bit off kilter, but it is even, it just rolled up a bit when I was laying it out to photo it.  It's been pressed flat to set the fabric marker, but should tighten up again if it's rinsed and hung dry again.  

Update: AB's Mum sent me this photo of the gang all together.  ^_^

photo property of K. Herrington

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