Saturday, August 31, 2013

Espoir Project: Mori Bunny

Note: I've renewed this post with the current date for sanity sake.  The original updates are still labeled.

If you've read the news posts and review on the Espoir on BJDCollectasy, you'll know she is a mid-mid range doll, so my 1/3 Jiji is a bit tall for modeling, but my 1/4 Kiki is too short (she really looked silly in these pantaloons, LOL!)  Espoir is made by Ludivine of WooDolls, and so adorable!  (must---resist...).

You can follow BJDCollectasy's side of this project!  Part 1!  and Part 2!

WooDoll "Espoir"                                     My Jiji

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Idealian Calais Cloud Goddess Part 2

Youkaimoon's Calais commission update report, Part 2

Part 1 is here. 
Note: this is the inspiration dress, silk satin and cotton do not drape the same. 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Dragon Doll MSD Kiki Hip Socket Issues / Modification / Repair

Kiki has never been able to stand up properly.  She's a Dragon Doll MSD with an Only Doll head.

Here's her back story.  I got a free imperfect head as a New Year's gift from JunkySpot, and after about 2 years, thought I'll mod it into a kitty girl.  Then she needed a body (which is the evil of free heads...I later sold it and got the Only Doll from MoC) so I got her a Dragon Doll Body, because I love my Dragon Doll SD Jiji to death and she's perfect.

So I get the MSD body (from Mint on Card when they carried Dragon Doll) and it's strung...very oddly.  And I think, well, someone was in a hurry, and re-strung her properly, and she still didn't behave. One string for each side, arm and leg.  Totally flopsy! I restrung her and she was still flopsy. Then I thought, well maybe it's a length issue because she can't stand up straight, I could take a bit off the offending parts and fix her.  Nope, all the parts are the same length.  In repose, she's a beautifully manufactured doll, just like her big sister, Jiji.

See how she's tipped?  It's subtle but it's there.  

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Doll History and Company Fail

You would think a big name 150 year old company that had a sewing pattern cover with a doll on it would know what the doll was, wouldn't you?  "Oh just get a doll and put the clothes on it, we have to go to print!" must have been what someone said.  Not a bit of concern for what they were dealing with, no credit to the original company or anything.  I guess it saved them from dealing with the modern publicity hungry company.

This is the first photo that shows up on the catalog page for Butterick B5864, a pattern I was sort of looking at as a potential source of measurement information for my files, because someone had asked me about the little girl type dolls I don't have much affection for. Actually, I think they are CREEEPPPYYYY, but I blame Chucky for that.

Current Butterick Pattern link might go away after it's out of print.