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Espoir Project: Mori Bunny

Note: I've renewed this post with the current date for sanity sake.  The original updates are still labeled.

If you've read the news posts and review on the Espoir on BJDCollectasy, you'll know she is a mid-mid range doll, so my 1/3 Jiji is a bit tall for modeling, but my 1/4 Kiki is too short (she really looked silly in these pantaloons, LOL!)  Espoir is made by Ludivine of WooDolls, and so adorable!  (must---resist...).

You can follow BJDCollectasy's side of this project!  Part 1!  and Part 2!

WooDoll "Espoir"                                     My Jiji
I've been studying a lot of Mori clothing lately and it seems that most of the doll clothing is more like sweet lolita, (french antique doll ruffles and frills) where the human Mori style is more soft 'countrified' look.  It's difficult for me to 'translate' fashion wise.  I'm going to aim for 'countrified lolita'.  In fact I'm wondering if I went a little over board with the pantaloons. Matching the lace was interesting.  All the lace that looks like it's cotton (the crochet looking kind) is turning out to be polyester and I didn't want to deal with dye.  So I went with an old lace that was off color to start with and happened to match the tea dye color fabric.

For close ups, open the image in a new window or tab.
I'll be working my way up her outfit from the bottoms.  By the measurements, these pantaloons should set at Espoir's natural waistline, and the hem ruffles should be around her calves, with the lace insert just below her knees.  She'll have a smock-like empire waist dress, a slip, a beige fur collar and what ever other bits and pieces work their way into the 'view' of this set as I go along.  The lace trims might not all match, but I think the Mori style allows for that, actually.

Links for Mori Fashion on people:

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More updates as the project progresses!  But the main interest will be on BJDCollectasy, aiming for August!

July 23, 2013 Update

The fitting shell has arrived!  The rest of this post will be the tutorial on BJDCollectasy (which I will link here when it's up! ^_^ )

August 16, 2013

I'm almost ready to send BJDCollectasy Part 2 of the patterning from a tape shell tutorial. Two more steps to photograph, cleaning up, and proof reading and it's ready to send in.  ^_^

August 26, 2013

As soon as another project for this month is cleared, I'm going to be working on the Mori outfit again.  I hope to have it done by the end of this week.

August 31, 2013

Plans, I haz them.  Fail.  Anyway.  The Project is now on again, a few days or so late, but on. I've patterned the slip, and have a peach silk cotton voil laid out for it.  I was going to do lace inserts, but with the lack of chest space on an MSD, the unavailable lace trim narrow enough, and it being an under garment, I'm going to do cream ribbon.  The idea is to have the entire silhouette of the outfit look like a bunny doll shape.  Her pantaloons are long and puffy like a bunny's leg muscles, then the slip ruffle will peek out from under the points of her dress for a lush layered effect, and the beige fur collar will add to the look of a fluffy bunny inspired outfit for a forest fairy.  I wish I could really draw, like do water color sketches and things.  But the moment I didn't need it to pass the fashion art class, the mental files were deleted.

September 1, 2013

I hate my sewing machine.  I spend an hour taking it apart and finding nothing wrong with it.  This is after it went to the shop a few weeks ago.  And still it keeps doing unspeakable things! Anything to turn a simple job into a nightmare.
So, all but the snaps on the slip.  I really like this 'silk' cotton voile.  It's got a nice shimmer to it.  I've never worked with it before.  I think I'll look around for some more.  I know a lot of people use it for linings, but other than being a bit stiff for cotton, it's very nice for doll clothing.  I've got the pantaloons just about where her waist should be under the slip, and the dress is symmetrical  it just moved after I had it in place and let go of it for the photo.  Now for the green dress.

Evening Update

The green dress is patterned, cut out, and ready to go under the needle.  I got the blasted machine to behave again somehow.  I took a friend's advice and got a spool of dental floss and ran it through the top thread path with the foot up, back and forth a few times and pulled out a wad of lint that must have been gumming things up.  Have to remember that!  (this is why I blog stuff like this, I'll associate it with an outfit and here it will be, "oh, that's how I fixed it!" ).
I just have to decide on a lace for the neckline.  Just working on this outfit makes me want a pistachio/strawberry/vanilla parfait.  Don't know where the fur collar comes into that, though! Heheh!

September 2, 2013

The dresses only need snaps, and the fur collar is next.  I put it in the photo to show the entire color combination.  The green is a real pistachio ice cream color, a bit more intense then in the photos. I laid the ribbon on the green and then realized it was too sharp for the softness of the green.  The fabric is printed with roses with just a dusting of flocking.  I'm going to put ribbon ties on the collar instead for some shine at the top.

September 3, 2013  It's done!  ^_^  
I don't want to give it up! I think  it's the cutest darned thing I've ever perpetrated!  Ah but it's made for Espoir and off it goes tomorrow.  I've rinsed it with hypoallergenic laundry soap and hung it all up to dry, press, pack it up neatly, and tomorrow, this pretty sweetness is off to its new owner.  I'm really looking forward to seeing her in this outfit!     

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