Sunday, June 23, 2013

Want a Discount on Your Custom BJD Clothing Order?

If you have a doll I haven't worked with before, I have a deal for you.

One of the best ways to make a pattern for a doll is to make a masking tape and paper towel fitting shell.  It's like making a mannequin.  This is the same method used by haute couture design houses where each customer has a mannequin on hold in their size.

From Claire Shaeffer's Couture Sewing Techniques

I have tutorials for torso and lower body fitting shells in PDF format.  If you have a doll that isn't already in my size range, and are willing to make the shell, snip the shell it up the middle of the back and mail it to me; please let me know, and I will apply a discount to your first garment order, and future orders will be as simple as just telling me what you want (and paying up of course! ^_^).

Your fitting shell and basic patterns will be kept on file and adjusted to what ever design you come up with for me to make for your doll.  All your future orders will have the patterning fee (this can vary from garment to garment) removed from the factoring, and your order will move along anywhere from a week to two weeks faster because we won't have to mail test fittings back and forth on most garments.

Ciel Phantomhive is not amused. 
Now for the 'fine' print: This deal is only for new customers who have put a deposit down for a garment order in progress, or have previously ordered from me and want a new item made, not retroactive to previous order's prices. You must use masking tape, (the light brown, easy to peel off painter's tape) no wider than 1/2 inch, unless you want to tear small pieces, and paper towels.  It's really quite easy.  After the shell is made, you snip it down the back seam to remove it from the doll, flatten it and mail it to me in an envelope, along with all the measurements listed in the tutorial.  The discount will be applied to your current order immediately on my receiving the fitting shell or shells.  All of your future orders will receive the patterning discount.  It is not retroactive to previous garment orders for a refund.  

A good example of how this works for fitting long distance is at BJDCollectasy in the Espoir Designing a Custom Pattern tutorial.

Masking tape is inexpensive at hardware stores and places like 99c and dollar stores.  If you're paying more than $2 for a roll of 1/2 inch wide masking tape, you're in the wrong darn store. 

Post Edited and Corrected to clear up any confusion! ^_^

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