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More Doll Cosplay Plans: Makai Ishi Mephisto

I sort of fell in love with this odd ball manga, 'Makai Ishi Mephisto'.  It's beautifully drawn and set in the 'Demon City Shinjuko' universe, of which I just found out there is a whole series of novels going back to 1988.  Dr. Mephisto is a re-occurring character in them, and the manga was started in 2011, but my info says 2012 and a second volume coming 2013.  I'm already stalking it at CDJapan.  The artist is Shimotsuki Kairi, who does 'Brave 10' as well.

I love the outfit, though you can't see much of it, so I'm extrapolating from what little I can see, knowing that most serious manga artists eventually study costumes and fashion.  He wears a voluminous white sort of Bedouin cloak thing pinned up with a huge brooch.  Sebastian much?  My Kyou can pull this look off easily. This is definitely a 'big bad coat' project.

Then he's got a sort of persian/muhgal indian long sleeved top, the kind where they pushed the excess and tight sleeves up to make them ruche on the arm.  

And you can just see that there's a high collar and what looks like an over tunic trimmed with lace in huge scallops. 

So I'm going with a historically influenced look from that region of the world; shirt with the long sleeves, an over tunic and the loose pants, boots and then the huge tent thing of a cloak. Sure white's death in Japan and perfectly okay for a doctor (one hell of a lab coat he's got there) but that doesn't mean I can't get really fancy with his covered up clothing.  And making the jewelry is going to be fun. 

I ordered the only thing I really need besides fabric, my first eyes order from Safrin Doll. The color pictures show Mephisto as having iridescent eyes, sometimes in the golden range, sometimes in the green, so I went with greenish because I just like green, (maybe overly influenced by the cover colors) and I have too many brown and amber eyes rolling around.  (This manga is seriously heavy on the lip gloss too, everyone has such nice glossy lips, even the monsters.)  The company page says that the eyes color can vary from batch to batch, and the original image shows more of a green tone, but then the in-socket picture comes across as more blue?  We'll see. 

Acrylic Lilly Pad color
This manga is for 'mature readers' and has one of those ONTD! plots where some religious nut is trying to 'put god back together' and these immortal guts are running lose for centuries, to turn up at an appointed time, (one adorable little maid finds the large intestine on her door step like a stray cat) and the nut wants to eviscerate the good (or not so good) doctor and stuff him with the god's viscera. Yeah good luck with that, >.>;;  So there is an EUGH factor.  But then Kuroshitsuji is pretty gross sometimes, too.  

June 14, 2013  

Out of all my dolly cosplay projects, this one has got me hooked.  I've got the fabric today, some soap bubble crinkle cloth for the over tunic, as close a match for size and type lace as I could get, some shiny black stuff for his slacks (have to soak that to make sure it doesn't bleed ink!) and yards of white cotton.  

June 15, 2013 

I took a good look at the very white white venetian lace next to the soap bubble crinkle cloth and they swore and spit at each other like two tom cats.  I'm switching the over tunic to an off white jacquard scrap left over from a 1940's dress project of my own.  I threw the soap bubble stuff in my Dior project box.  I've dithered between a Mughal Jawa and Mongolian tunic, both with the left to right over lap and gathered up super long sleeves (wonder what influenced which? I'm thinking Mongolian tunic influenced Jawa), and decided on a mongolian tunic.  I blame the Silk Road.  

Mughal Jawa, Metropolitan Museum of Art (yes this is a man's dress...)
Looking at the jawa you can see where I got the fixation for the Mughal influence.  The shape of the collar and sleeves.
Mongol coat, Pinterest, no credit no where. O_o 

It's extremely frustrating to remember a sort of sleeved vest from the Indian/Mughal historical plates and not be able to find anything on the internet, even in museum collections.

June 17, 2013

Yay! I found it! There's going to be a volume 2 after all!  I hate cliff hangers when it's a really good story line.
Link to Manga News.  They don't seem to have anything in the actual publisher's web site for it yet, though.  But usually they blurb things in the monthly mangas, which in this case is Comic Gene, publisher Media Factory   Still waiting on the eyes I ordered.  I'm in the middle of a customer commission so I'm holding off on patterning the outfit and working on an already half done personal project instead.

June 20, 2013

I knew I remembered this guy as a big bad coat guy from somewhere!  I found the movie (Demon City Shinjuku, 1988) on Youtube and did some screen caps.  Hmm, I've been looking for an excuse to make a blood red trench coat.

makai toshi shinjuko dr mephisto screen cap
Cause enigmatic cool guys always pose casually in big bad coats in front of things blowing up.

makai toshi shinjuko dr mephisto screen cap
Japan: country of telephone and power wires. 
makai toshi shinjuko dr mephisto screen cap
Acid dripping snake woman with serious alcohol poisoning imminent.
I like the lines in the back of the coat.  
makai toshi shinjuko dr mephisto screen cap
Not as 'cool' as the 'real hero' of the story he gets stuck with the chick.  Apparently in anime, rescuing the chick is the supporting man's job, not the hero's.  Split back detail on trench.
The movie (or OVA) is set years before the 'demon' city settles down and develops its own cultural atmosphere.  I have to wonder about the sword the 'creature' picks up in the catfish battle scene in the manga.  I'll have to take a look at the kanji on it again.  Is it the 'hero's father's sword, because the hero in the movie uses a practice boken, not a sword.  Of course, swords could just be laying around rusting all over the ruins.  It's a long standing highly populated and built over section of Japan.

June 21, 2013

I found a nice red cotton/poly twill today with just the right amount of body and thin combined, but under the day light it looks a bit too valentine rather than blood red.  I'm thinking now, go back later and get it and a box of dye and darken it.  I'll have to check my color wheel and see what it needs to change the tone.  But first, I need to get the white outfit done.  Projects, projects everywhere, >.<;;

June 24, 2013

Some mondays really stick it to you.  The eyes have gone missing.  Why they went to Reno in the first place, I have no idea.  *sighs*  At least they have delivery confirmation on them.  Mail Lady said she couldn't find anything.  I guess those eyes went somewhere on a bender in Reno?  Still, I'm looking forward to getting more eyes from Sarin Doll eventually.  I like their range of colors and pricing.


Anyway, I've set the thing to email me the next time the tracking updates, and I hope it works this time, because last time, it didn't do a thing until the DAY AFTER I got the package.  *head desk*

In designing and patterning, you can find out the most amazing things when you're draping fabric; like how 1700's Saque or 'Watteau' back gowns are actually just the excess fabric pleated in and left hanging there in what must have been the design process.  I thought that cloak was going to be a real (censored!), but then when I draped the fabric on, folded it, fluffed it, and moved it around, I got it!  The hood, the cape, the arm openings/sleeves. Of course you don't see it here, because I had to redo it for the 'just playing around' photo shoot, but I've got the scribbled notes.  Now the most difficult part of this set is the over tunic and that's fairly routine.  

I knew Kyou could pull off this look.  Even with no eyes in his head.  So, I'll be patterning his shirt, jacket, and the cloak this week and hoping to get a good start on it all.  And that the eyes will show up tomorrow? O_o 

Makai Ishi Mephisto Cosplay ball joint doll

Makai Ishi Mephisto Cosplay ball joint doll
Slightly different angle.
It just occurred to me that swooping around in all that white fabric in modern Shinjuku, let alone slimy, mutated, futuristic post-apocalyptic Shinjuku, he must have a spell on that stuff. (I hope he doesn't mind me doing a few test puckers and pleats for another project while I'm at it. >.>;;)  

Updated update: 
AHA! I was right, the package went through processing in Reno, NV AGAIN this evening.  I bet it got scanned then tossed back in the wrong bin by someone too busy to know what they were doing, or they missed the bin with a toss.  I've seen how our P.O. throws things around.  I'm really glad the tracking thing worked. O_o  I'm going to try it with customer packages so I don't have to keep checking back in on my computer or phone. 

June 25, 2013  Update

I finally gave up and called the post office 800 number after the mail came and went and tracking showed the package as not having moved since last night.  They had to put a inquiry on it, and gave me a case number.  

I tested the construction theory from yesterday and it was spot on.  I love paper towels. Too bad they don't make them human sized.  My little YoSD helped out with the patterning.  I had bought 2 yards of the quilting cotton, and had to run out and get two more. I'll have to work on something else while the fabric dries. 

June 26, 2013 Update

After much rending of nerves, my Safrin Doll eyes are in our local P.O.'s hands.  Getting them today is another matter, they might still go missing.  GRRRRR!  
I got the cloak cut out and pinned last night, and decided on what to do about the shirt; Mongol, not so gathered.  The tunic is still eluding me.  I KNOW I've seen the plate somewhere.  Maybe it was more toward China in the book than toward Northern Africa? 

I'll be starting a new post on this project because it's getting too long for Blogger's limits.   

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