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65 cm Soul Doll Zenith: British Detective Greatcoat

Updating Progress Report for the Detective Greatcoat, ordered by MonkeyGraph through my Etsy shop, for a Soul Doll Zenith.  This is a custom order, paid for in full.

Ball joint doll detective greatcoat, sherlock
The coat as modeled by my Kyou (Dream Realm Black Crow)

The Charcoal wool (as shown) with dark grey lining, black buttons and specified: tiny red button hole for collar button.  

Ordered on June 11, 2013; with a 2-3 weeks shipping or sooner, making the due date July 2, 2013.  I anticipate the 'sooner' will apply.  Custom made ball joint doll coat will be shipped on Customer's final approval of photos of finished garment. 

The Zenith body is 1 cm narrower in the hips and 7 cms shorter than my model, the Dream Realm Black Crow.  Other wise, all measurements match.   

Updates below the 'read more' link. ^_^

June 14, 2013 Update 

HUGE, huge thanks to Aernath on Den of Angels for the absolutely instant help with the hand measurement!  I would have ended up 2 cms too narrow on the coat sleeves!  Not to mention the pockets at the hip, the working ones, have to be wider so the doll can use them.  And it looks like the only other thing is that his height difference is definitely in his legs, going by the company measurements of the waist to ankle so that's taken care of.

More later.  ^_^  Just doing the patterning changes now.

June 17, 2013 Update

I double triple checked the measurements, and lay out this monday morning and put scissors to fabric.  I was going with dark grey lining until I saw it on the camera and thought, no, I have a better looking charcoal sheen black and re-cut the lining (which needs ironing).  I also double checked the new lining in hot water for the usual 30 minutes to make certain it will not bleed dye.
I've widened the sleeves at the crucial points, as well as the hip pocket and pocket flap patterns for the doll's larger hands to fit into.  The waist pockets, as listed, are for show only, since no doll would bend that way, not realistically looking at any rate.  The buttons are 2 mm thick, I get them at Joann's and they really are nicely proportioned for the doll as well as human fingers.
The same diameter buttons at Hobby Lobby are some thing like 4 mm thick or something.  I spotted them and thought Oh, cool and then when I saw how thick they were, made a note to self to stock up on more of the Joann's one.  I anticipate shipping next week rather than in 3 weeks or the 4 weeks on the listing.

sewing box designs BBC sherlock style coat

June 19, 2013 Update

No photos today.  The bits are all ready to be assembled.  Pockets, sleeves, collar, pleats, all sewn, pressed and ready to be stitched together.  Tomorrow I should be able to show off the half assembled coat in a photo.

June 20, 2013 Update

The body of the coat is ready, with the pockets and belt and so forth all sewn on.  The sleeves are going in tomorrow.  Sleeves can be tricky because one little bit of difference in the set and seams and the whole coat could look off.  I baste them in by hand, check, check, double triple check to make sure they hand absolutely right, then sew them in on the machine.  Clicking on the photos will take you to the 'real size' one for a better look.  The flash lightened up everything but the charcoal color is darker in reality.  Excuse the bits of thread and stuff. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in what I'm doing, I forget to shake things off before photographing.

I'm still anticipating a Monday or Tuesday shipping.  I hate fighting with my machine to make button holes, so I usually save them for one day all their own, it being the last thing I do.  

June 23, 2013 Late Update

Friday got busy, but I caught up yesterday and took snaps this morning.  I have the hand sewing to hem the sleeves and close the bottom hem to do, then the buttons and holes to put in.  I haven't pressed the sleeve/armhole seams yet, because I'm going to wash it and then just have to do all that pressing again.  Unlike a certain show's coat which is tacked to make the collar stand up, the collar on my coat folds or stands up on its own.  I'll photo the finished coat properly pressed and buttoned before I pack it up. ^_^  

ball joint doll sherlock cosplay coat custom made

ball joint doll sherlock cosplay coat custom made

6/24/2013 Update: Finished! 

There might be some threads to snip after the button holes are used a bit, as with all button holes made by machine. I packed it with some padding so it shouldn't get creased in the mail.  I'll be mailing it out tomorrow (Tuesday).  The camera doesn't quite capture the color, which is why I used the company JPG in the Etsy listing.  It's a very nice charcoal.  (and I'm so happy to have finally located MORE!)

ball joint doll sherlock cosplay coat custom made
Spread out.

ball joint doll sherlock cosplay coat custom made
Buttoned all the way up.

ball joint doll sherlock cosplay coat custom made
Lining view

ball joint doll sherlock cosplay coat custom made
The button hole looks a big pink red on my screen, but it's 'drop of blood' red in reality.   Trust me, as a seamster, I know what a drop of blood looks like >.<;; Ouch.
And do check this post, for a discount on any future orders for your guy or girl dolls.  I don't have a Zenith 'close' fitted in my collection of patterns at the moment.  So that's it, ready for shipping tomorrow. ^_^  I'll mark it on Etsy when I get back from the post office.

June 25, 2013  Shipped!  ^_^

June 29, 2013  Customer Satisfaction! 

Blogger wasn't co-operating, so the customer gave me permission to post her comment manually.

Hi Raj! Just received my custom coat, and I am AMAZED at the quality and fit - could not be more pleased with the final product and will definitely be ordering more commission work - so happy! THANK YOU so much! And thank you for the updates on the blog; loved being included in the process...you do great work!

MonkeyGraph on Etsy

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  1. I am loving these updates - so excited to see the final product! Thank you for your attention to the details, I'm really impressed with everything I'm seeing... Yay!


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