Saturday, May 18, 2013

1950's Style Travel Journal Day Dress.

I'm almost perfectly happy with this pattern now.  I still need to make her a real 50s crinoline to wear under her dresses, that summer eyelette lace dress is popping out all over the place.  I got the bodice a fraction short on this re-pattern, and it's still a bit more loose than I want it to be.  I'm going to go with the largest standard SD waist measurement the third time around so that it's still 'one size fits all'.  The belt will do the rest.  I was practicing my pie slice points on this one.  One sleeve cuff came out just a tad square at the point but other wide, I'm really pleased with the technique I got from a number of vintage sewing books.  Fine stitches, double stitch, clip mercilessly.  Again, the pocket on this dress are only for show, if she put her hands in them it would weigh them down awkwardly so I don't bother.  I thought this print was all in french but when I looked again, only some words were french. LOL! Fail on my part.  I had a heck of a time matching the thread.  It's not brown, it's not beige, off white looked too yellow, and finally I went with a pale grey and it worked!

1950s retro ball joint doll dress

1950s retro ball joint doll dress

For the other fifties projects, the sweater is still in pieces, and the Butterick one is still on hold in the project drawer, while I finished up a major project for BJDCollectasy.  Check there for updates and my recent tutorial will show up.  I had so much fun with the totebag one, I'll be doing more as some of my ideas are accepted.  

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