Wednesday, May 22, 2013

1930's Asian Influence "Hawaii"

It took me a while to photograph this dress on Jiji because I've been so distracted, but today she grabbed her body back and posed very nicely.

Another variation of my one size fits all shirt dress pattern.  I went with a loose cheong sam (or Qipao?) influence, combined with the 1930's style of gathered and draped shoulders, to match the fabric I bought as fat quarters.  I decided after a lot of agonizing to focus on the black printed Kanji characters and to ignore the upside down Japanese Grass Hand writing.  Because of the dual Asian influences on a 'modern' 1930s vintage look dress, I decided to call this pattern Hawaii.  Now I'll look for some "Hawaiian" look print to make up a few more in, and down size the pattern for the MSD girls as well.

Ball Joint Doll Clothing, SD Girl Clothing

Ball Joint Doll Clothing, SD Girl Clothing

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