Wednesday, May 22, 2013

1930's Asian Influence "Hawaii"

It took me a while to photograph this dress on Jiji because I've been so distracted, but today she grabbed her body back and posed very nicely.

Another variation of my one size fits all shirt dress pattern.  I went with a loose cheong sam (or Qipao?) influence, combined with the 1930's style of gathered and draped shoulders, to match the fabric I bought as fat quarters.  I decided after a lot of agonizing to focus on the black printed Kanji characters and to ignore the upside down Japanese Grass Hand writing.  Because of the dual Asian influences on a 'modern' 1930s vintage look dress, I decided to call this pattern Hawaii.  Now I'll look for some "Hawaiian" look print to make up a few more in, and down size the pattern for the MSD girls as well.

Ball Joint Doll Clothing, SD Girl Clothing

Ball Joint Doll Clothing, SD Girl Clothing

Saturday, May 18, 2013

1950's Style Travel Journal Day Dress.

I'm almost perfectly happy with this pattern now.  I still need to make her a real 50s crinoline to wear under her dresses, that summer eyelette lace dress is popping out all over the place.  I got the bodice a fraction short on this re-pattern, and it's still a bit more loose than I want it to be.  I'm going to go with the largest standard SD waist measurement the third time around so that it's still 'one size fits all'.  The belt will do the rest.  I was practicing my pie slice points on this one.  One sleeve cuff came out just a tad square at the point but other wide, I'm really pleased with the technique I got from a number of vintage sewing books.  Fine stitches, double stitch, clip mercilessly.  Again, the pocket on this dress are only for show, if she put her hands in them it would weigh them down awkwardly so I don't bother.  I thought this print was all in french but when I looked again, only some words were french. LOL! Fail on my part.  I had a heck of a time matching the thread.  It's not brown, it's not beige, off white looked too yellow, and finally I went with a pale grey and it worked!

1950s retro ball joint doll dress

1950s retro ball joint doll dress

For the other fifties projects, the sweater is still in pieces, and the Butterick one is still on hold in the project drawer, while I finished up a major project for BJDCollectasy.  Check there for updates and my recent tutorial will show up.  I had so much fun with the totebag one, I'll be doing more as some of my ideas are accepted.  

The Yukata Project

For ages now, only my big 72 cm guy dolls have had yukatas and men's obis.  It's the first step toward getting them something to throw on while I'm patterning for them.  But my girls have been neglected.  So with the yukata for the Cardcaptor Sakura commission, I'm working out yukata patterns for my SD Girl, my MSD girl, and my YoSD, Cherry-boo (AKA Sakuranbo), who will get a boy and girls' obi.  Cherry's too little to bother with that pick a gender and stick to it stuff.

I've got a vintage 1950's Chinese cotton print for my SD girl with some pale leaf print for her obi, a very 60s looking modern cotton for my MSD girl with a faux marble cotton obi, and a silly remnant frog print and japanese windy swirl print for my YoSD.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Just a bit of Doll Humor not wearing underwear.

Why is it the first thing 89% of the human population does is check dolls for panties?  ROFL!  I don't bother with them because it gets caught in their joints and gums up things.  The elastic on the legs makes it squirm right into their leg joints so posing them is a problem.  All my dollies go combat.

And now I know I have to dust.  >.<;;  Glass shelves...

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Commission: Cardcaptor Sakura for a Dollfie Dream Sister

Commission for Mewcat at Trinity Complex: 3 outfits.

This is a cute one!  Traditional yukata and obi, seifuku, frilly dress!  Clamp always has a fascinating array of costumes for their characters.  I did some online research to find the back views, not sure about the back of the Obi on the yukata, but it looks like it might be a standard floppy bow with fringe on the tails. The double points on the back of most outfits in Cardcaptor Sakura (the pink uniform) seem to be a theme with this manga/anime.

cardcaptor sakura costumes dollfie dream sister Ball Joint Doll clothing
Images by Clamp: Kinamoto Sakura from Card Captor Sakura 

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Obsessing Over the Sweater Knitting

I was using this 2 ply fingering weight yarn doubled up to make the collar and cuffs of my own sweater and finished the knitting on that yesterday.  So now I'm hoping what's left is enough for either a full sweater or a v-neck vest for my doll.  I'm using all the information I learned and blogged links to here, to resize my 1950s SD pattern for the thinner yarn and size 1 needles.  So far, so good.  I'll write up the new version and keep both, then down size it for MSD, and I'm working out the boy patterns for my SD Lati guy and big 72 cm Uncles later.

I have all these notes for the Butterick project and the muslin is still in the sewing basket on the machine table, but this is eating my brain!  This is a nice caramel brown stuff, and I want to embroider it with autumn leaves in red, orange and pale green with gold metallic outlines.  Then make a big one for myself!  I'll have to take it with me to match the color.  Too bad it doesn't show up on screen as pretty as it is in reality. Even the oatmeal sweater isn't the right color in this photo.

May 13, 2013 update on the project.  I had just exactly enough of the yarn to make the entire sweater and sew it together.  The pattern works beautifully for size 2 yarn!  I need to test it and adjust it for size 1 (sock or fingering yarn) now.  The next step will be using this pattern to make variations of sweaters from the 40s and 50s.  

June 14, 2013 
I'll be finishing putting together the caramel sweater soon. I just want to redo the pattern instructions before I do the embroidery on it.  And then my doll needs an outfit to go with the sweater!  And brown shoes.  I'm thinking a 1950's blouse with a cute collar, a plaid pencil skirt, ankle socks and attempting some brown suede cloth loafers.  

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Sweater Knitting

I was going to focus on the 1950s SD size dresses this week, but the weather did a weird turn and I found myself done with my own knitting project and thought, hmm, weren't there cute sweaters in the 1950's?  The ones with the beads and embroidery on them?  So here I am side tracked by obsessing over making a sweater for my doll, who doesn't really need to keep the spring chill off. 

I bought this yarn in the bargain bin on a whim, because I'm collecting very thin yarns for doll proportions, and it seems the more thin (fingering weight/sock weight) they are, the more expensive they are!  So I saw this for a dollar, and grabbed it.  I worked up a swatch, hated it for what I had in mind, and stuffed it in the bottom of my yarn bin.  A year later, I want a neutral, sort of fancy yarn to put some beadwork or shiny embroidery work on the shoulders of and there it is.  So I gave it another try.  Even though the gauge could be tighter, and I'm wondering where I can get hold of size 1 (usa) needles, I'm happy with it this time.  And I got the pieces shapes to look just like my human size sweater pieces, (though you can't tell from the curled up edges!)  The scale looks good and when basted together, it looked 'period' on Thea.  I'm going to haunt the retro sewing nets for a period design to use for the shoulder embroidery. The yarn is flexible enough that I don't have to worry about making button holes on this project if I use the 6 mm ToHo glass beads. But for the embroidery, if I use beads, it will have to be that blasted micro-thin beading needle and seed beads.  I might just stick with using shiny embroidery stuff after all and cheat.  But I doubt I'll find sequins tiny enough soon enough to go with beads and sequins.