Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The British Detective Greatcoat

I've been procrastinating on this one for some time now and finally sat down and finished it this week.  Modeling is my cranky looking Raurencio Vincent sculpt head (on a Dragon Doll Uncle body), Toshiaki.  I suppose we'd all be cranky, dressing up in a wool coat and rayon knit scarf on a hot spring day.

The pockets above the waist are just for show because if you tried to get a doll to put his hands in pockets there, the elbows would stick out way more than a human's would. 

Toshi will only stand with his shoulders thrown back so yeah, it tips off the hem of the coat.  

Kyou stands a lot more easily.  

I'm still so very happy with his hair.  I'm so glad I found  Dreamfiber on Etsy.
You can really see the shoulder tilt on this one.  I'll have to find out what's up with his strings or something.

Kyou, coat back, with the coat buttoned in front. 

So, this is available as a custom choice order on my Etsy shop, with four fabrics available, or you can convo me about a different fabric.  I'm also planning on sizing the pattern for other doll sizes, so if you'd like one for a 1/4 or YoSD, let me know! ^_^   

On to the next project! 

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