Friday, April 26, 2013

Miniaturizing Retro Butterick B5813 For Anthea

My dream doll pattern finally showed up in the mail yesterday.  The definitive wiggle dress.  I love the details on this, and the fact that it looks very classy, rather than slutty.  I'm going with the A/B version for Anthea before I bust it out for myself.

Speaks for itself, but here's the link.

There are a lot of BJD stitchers out there who say to just scan the little graph of the pattern pieces off the instructions and size them up or down for your muslin.  I say BULL.  What a mess, and all that printing?  Have fun with that. Some of us want to get busy sewing, not mucking about with the printer.  The only thing I print out is the line drawing image for my pattern 'cover'.

I have my doll's fitting sloper, her measurements, and I draft it myself, using the picture on the pattern instructions as a break down of what shape the pieces should be.  As you can see, the sloper is just the cut up masking tape and paper towel fitting shell I made for my doll.

Once again, fabric that has been staring at me every time I go to the store finally had a reason to be bought.  This aqua is a sort of fake batik with a geometric floral pattern.  It has a few little white spots on it where the print missed or something, but other wise, since I have no intention of letting go of this dress, it's fine by me.  I'm going to use a chocolate brown for the under bust trim and the facing. 

I also picked up the travel journal print that's been nagging me, lucky to find two last pieces, one of which was out of the package and badly folded up and stuffed into the back of the bin.  The same
chocolate brown is going for the collar and cuffs and pockets on another 50s day dress.  Normally I'd say the print is too big for the doll's scale, but the 1950s were big on big prints and this would be considered a 'fun' dress.  It looks grey-ish in this picture, but it actually matches the brown almost perfectly.  And the notes are all in legible French, sort of a counter point to the Asian script print dresses I've been making.

With any perseverance, rather than procrastination, I'll have photos of both finished dresses up next weekend. ^_^  (Note: hahahahah, that was a plan, right?  "Mice and men...etc." Robert Burns.)

Update May 17, 2013

It's going along, it's going along. I've pulled the 'journal' dress out of the drawer and plan to have it finished this weekend.  >.<;;  There is such a thing as too creative.  Little piles of projects all over the house in various stages of completion.  Who needs flowers when one has Projects! 

June 19, 2013 Update

I finally got back to this project today!  The journal dress has been  finished and posted on.  But it's taken me a while to get back to the Butterick dress.  I'm at the adjusting the pattern to the muslin and refitting it stage.  The dragon doll girl body has a terrible sway back.  And while the vintage pattern repro has a zipper under the arm, I'm going to split the collar in back and go with an up the back opening.  A doll can only squirm so much to get into a wiggle dress.

June 21, 2013 Update

No pictures, but the pattern is finally ready to cut the fashion fabric this weekend (?).  I'm going to have to do two versions, one for sway backed girls like the Dragon Doll I have and normal back girls.  I can't package and sell resized copy written patterns from other companies, but that doesn't mean I can't make the outfits for customers.

June 26, 2013 Update

Yes! The dress is cut out and ready to sew.  I've been taking a good look at the pattern and it really doesn't have to be skin tight on my 15 cm waist doll, so it would fit a larger (more standard waist easily.  Not so sure about the bust.  But yes, the pattern is easily adjustable to other dolls in the SD range.  Too bad Dolls aren't as easy to use standard grading mathematics for.

June 27, 2013 Update

It's half done.  I'm still thinking about whether or not to use my stock pile of Volks micro velcro to make a zipper on this outfit.  Is it flexible enough, or should I go with snaps?  The thing is, I've changed the original pattern and put the zipper in the back and split the collar up the back, because other wise, it wouldn't go on the doll.  So do I want the obvious bulk of snaps up the back or the mini-velcro?  I'll have to sort it later.
The facing and collar are pinned on and ready to go, and I've reduced the 3 sleeve bend darts to one.  I still have to cut out and sew the under bust trim piece, but I want to sew the side seams before I measure that.

Butterick B5813 Retro dress SD ball joint doll

This dress is now finished: Part 2

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