Friday, March 1, 2013

Nameless Head Update

She seriously needs a name.  A 1949-1951 or so name.

March 18 Edit: Anthea!  She can be an Ann or a Thea for short, but all three plausible names for the time period.  

The wig and eyes came today.  I didn't brush out the wig yet, because I don't want to ruin the curls, and I don't have time to style it.  I just took everything out of the box, checked it, and slapped them on and in for a quick photo.  I don't think 16 mm or even 14 mm would have looked right, but 12 mm looks perfect for what I want.  I just have to carve out the sockets a little more from inside so they set better and show less of the Aileens tacky goop.  I can't believe the look of these eyes (as out of focus as they are right now) for $5 USD.  So pretty and detailed!  It's as if they used photographs of real eyes to make the graphics under the acrylic domes.

When she has her make up/face on, I'm sure she will look just perfect!

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