Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Only Doll YiFeng Head is on it's Way!

I'm not holding my breath, but the Only Doll head I ordered, the YiFeng, is on it's way from China, according to Mint on Card this morning.  Last time, there was a mix up and Kiki's head wasn't in the shipment and so on, but I'm really hoping everything goes smooth this time, because it looks like it will be here just in time for me to finish up my current customer work and have time for a face up.

I've been doing a lot of research and the only difference between 1940's make up and 1950's make up seems to be the eyeliner.  Everything else is pretty much the same.  I'm still going with the pattern art girl in mind from this Anne Adams pattern catalogue picture:

Vintage Retro Pattern Models

I've looked at the 'vintage' and 'pin-up' girl dolls that sometimes show up, I can't even remember the company that made them, and they seem a bit too harsh, too clownish even without face ups, for what I want. That permanent sucked in cheeks, pinched kissy face look is just--annoying.  Not only that but they are still in the 'fashion doll' size range and I want a 1/3 doll, big enough for me to really work with for design elements.

I'm not too worried about the fit this time, not like with that poor Alice head from Doll Love.  Kiki's Only Doll head fits perfectly, so this one should fit Jiji.  As for the color match, I'm not worried about that either.  I'm pretty happy with how Kiki's Only Doll head matches her Dragon Doll skin color and I found that it just takes a light wash of color over the first sealing coat to match a resin color if the difference isn't insane.  It's just like putting on base make up.

So, I hope to have her by the end of this month!

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