Saturday, February 2, 2013

Commission: 2 MiniFee A line Modified Kimono for Spookyboo

This will be the updating report on Spookymoon's commission. 

Customer wants: Two modified kimono for an MSD MiniFee A line girl, as shown, but longer.  
Time desired: 2 - 3 weeks.  Due: March 04, 2013 (probably sooner, but the fabric was delayed).

customer provided image unknown credit

Feb 11, 2013  Fabric has arrived!  

Feb 7, 2013

OMG why is the post dragging!? (usually by the time I'm losing my mind, the post lady shows up with the item in hand, so I'm hoping today! ? O_o.)   Patterning anyway.

Feb 8, 2013

Mail has run today, no fabric.

This is a rough sketch of what I've patterned.  A fitted bodice, bell sleeves, option to wrap the kimono either Asian traditional (sketched) or non-traditional (dead people wear their's lapped right to left).  Not sure if I'm supposed to put the border on the bottom yet or not? O_o  Still waiting on the mail.  Right click and open in a new tab or window to see the original size sketch.

Feb 11, 2013
Fabric has arrived, washing and prep.  Awaiting customer answers on final design plan.

Feb 13, 2013

The pattern is adjusted and triple checked.  Customer wants trim on the hem if there is enough fabric.  I'm still looking at the width of the trim bands vrs the Obi, that's a lot of lavender, and I want a perfect balance to the design.  Because the kimono is shown as off the shoulder in a slouch effect in the customer's original design image, I'm going to add a thin belt tie under the obi, so that it can be just put on the doll and be ready for that look, or not, depending on whether the under belt is tied.

Feb 14, 2013

Dresses are cut out, ready to sew.  There was just enough lavender fabric to make all the trim, obi and bow. ^_^.   I just have to get thread to match the lavender.  Out of all the purple thread I have, nothing matches!  Road trip!

Feb 18, 2013

The dresses need their sleeves basted in before I can machine sew them, and the lavender pieces are all half sewn and pinned for the next batch of sewing.  I'm really in love with this modified kimono pattern now. I'd like to try it in some light floral fabric at a later date.  Something like a yukata, less formal, more fun.

Feb 22, 2013

The trim is being sewn on the dresses and the obi are half done.  I'm almost certain that if nothing interferes with my plans, they will be done by Monday evening.  I'll photograph them when they are pressed and neat.  Everything has been full of pins at the end of my work day lately. O_o

Feb 25, 2013

Due to some life type stuff interfering on the weekend with my obvious fantasy of having plans, I'll more than likely be finished with the dresses and obis on Wednesday.  I'm hoping to put up some progress photos by this evening, when all the pins are out and a little more progress has been made? O_o

Evening update 

I've been catching up with non-sewing related things that needed to be done and didn't get done this weekend, but I did manage to get a lot of pressing done and start setting up the purple trim for the hand sewing.  The dresses and obis are actually in the hand sewing/finishing stage now.  I expect now to be finished this week.  I think trying to rush to finish early is not a good idea.  So here is a very sloppy update photo, at last! -_-  It should give the customer a good idea of the finished outfit's look.

Polyester 'Bridal Satin' has a tendency to hold heat and ironing it is an absolute bitch, my fingers are cooked, but once it's ironed, it stays ironed.  The fan pleated bows don't look too fabulous right now, but when they are sewn onto the obi and the pleats tacked out, they will look cute as hell.  I'm using the purple as a seam binding to finish off the hems of the dress, neckline and sleeves as well as trim them.  The obis will have snaps on them for easy dressing and as I believe I posted before, there will be a tie string that goes under the obi, to pull the dress up and off the shoulders, or not, as desired.

Feb 27, 2013

The outfits are finished!  Customer has been notified.  ^_^

So, keeping in mind that my girl Kiki is a bit bigger by 2 cms in places than a MiniFee A line girl, and I had to pin the obi on to her 14 cm waist (MiniFee A line is 12 cm according to customer and online company measurements, and has a higher waistline than a Dragon Doll 1/4 girl) here are the finished photos.  One thing I learned with this project was perhaps a Cotton Sateen or Satin Back Polyester Charmeuse would be more flexible for dolls.  I'm going to do a post on fabric properties for dolls.

Remember: Right click and open in another window for the full size photograph.

ball joint doll clothing
Showing the dress with just the tie strings.

ball joint doll clothing
With Obi pinned on, the tie strings then tucked into the obi.
I find using long tweezers excellent for dressing dolls as well as threading sergers. 

ball joint doll clothing
Off the shoulders, slippery satin, slippery doll, equals photo styling difficulty. 

So, my thoughts on this.  Resin skin is slippery and hard, unlike human skin.  If your doll has a spray coat, maybe not so slippery, but also, there is a neat little thing called "sock glue".  I'm not sure if it's safe for resin dolls, though.  You might also try a water soluble glue stick to make the skin a little less slippery.  Also, my doll is bigger around, I would say the equivalent of 2 dress sizes bigger than a MiniFee A line?  So the dress is a bit tight on her, and might behave better on the Minifee girl.  I'd love to see the outfits on the dolls they were made for.

ball joint doll clothing
Adorable Obi design! I had fun with this one! 

ball joint doll clothing
The entire double outfit, you can see the tie strings (soutache braid) and snaps on the Obi.
March 11, 2013   Shipped! ^_^

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