Monday, February 25, 2013

The YiFeng Head Looks Good

Naturally while I was away at the post office mailing out Youkaimoon's hakama set, the Mint on Card package came!  The post person left it with the manager, which is a fluke in itself, so I was very happy to get it so early!

At first I had a minor heart failure, because the YiFeng head looks pretty small, despite the measurements in the sales web site.  The Sleepy Alice head (still crying over that one) looked right when I opened the box, but turned out to be way too small, so I was really feeling a bit faint.  (Or because lunch was way late...)

But I decided not to totally panic until I had a real reason to, and after some swearing at the still perfectly tight strings Jiji has after 3 years, managed to get her S-hook through the new head without a scratch.  And while even with Jiji's head, the body has a bit of a mushroom neck, Jiji's chin hides it and her head is rather large for the body, so I didn't want to judge right away.  I plunked her borrowed wig on and stood the doll up where I could stand back and look at it in passing for a while.  After lunch, I thought, yes, this is going to work.  The hand to face ratio is very good, the head to shoulder ratio--okay for a fashion design look, and while her body looks a bit 'all there', the head does look very nice!  I can either sand down the little neck bulge a bit, or hide the mismatch under her wigs.  The thing is, I want to style wigs to the 1940s through 1950s time period, so that might be an issue with up-do hairstyles.

Once again, a doll listed as having 16 mm eyes looks like it would do better with a 14 mm.  I love the profile on this doll head.  And the head circ to waist ratio looks good.  I read somewhere that Dior insisted his models head circumference match their waist.  Ouch!  No wonder waist clinchers figured so predominantly in his designs.

ball joint doll clothing
The slight mushroom neck effect shows in this photo.

ball joint doll clothing
The Only Doll resin is only slightly lighter than the Dragon Doll resin, you can't even see a difference in normal light or under camera flash. 

ball joint doll clothing
Rather large but fitting shoes make her feet look too big. Yet another reason to learn to make shoes! 
I really just can't wait to start making her retro-style clothing!  The only confusion I have now is, do I give her a new name for the head alone, or just keep calling her Jiji, because it's the same body and will continue to be? 

Friday, February 22, 2013

My YiFeng Doll Head Shipped Today and Cosplay Ramblings

Mint on Card received it Wednesday, and shipped my Only Doll YiFeng head to me today, so I'm thinking Wednesday or Thursday it will be here?  I seriously hope it fits Jiji's body.

So many projects planned for this year and it's already nearly the end of February!  I want to get started on more Etsy custom choice listing for a series of popular outfit types. Then there's the 1920/30's wardrobe for Kiki (who's ears I'm still trying to paint!) and tons of 1940's and 40's outfits for Jiji (and her alternative head), along with all the suits and coats and things for the 72 cm slim Uncle guys.  I've got cosplay outfits backlogged for them as well; more Vassalord (Barry's pin stripe suit and fur trimmed cape), Kuroshitsuji (so much work to do!) and Tiger & Bunny.

I've decided Jiji would make a neat Blue Rose, she's already swiped a blond wig for Karina's 'civilian' look and I really like her 1960s ethnic mod outfit.  Which is weird because the show is set in a sort of sci-fi alternative 1970s.  Hence the tragedy of the poly-chromatic polyester suits prevalent in that anime.

tiger and bunny Blue rose Karina Lyle

I've been looking for an excuse to buy some of that 'cuddle suede' and her little faux lamb lined suede midi jacket is the perfect reason.  (EXPENSIVE!) so there will be plenty of left over to make something for one or two guys with.  Odd though, I could have sworn her boots were the lace up moc-boots from the 1970's but maybe I was seeing things. I don't usually spend too much time looking at girls in anime.  *big cheezy grin here*.  
I think what I like most is the color combination of this outfit, vanilla, strawberry and milk chocolate.

Kass at I'm Catching Butterflies does this marvelous fashion series called 'get the look' where she shows how to make outfits based on gorgeous desserts, and I can't help thinking Karina's creator has the same ideas.  Check out I'm Catching Butterflies under the tags 'get the look: msd' and 'get the look: sd' for some darling inspirations.  Ms. Kass is brilliant.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Only Doll YiFeng Head is on it's Way!

I'm not holding my breath, but the Only Doll head I ordered, the YiFeng, is on it's way from China, according to Mint on Card this morning.  Last time, there was a mix up and Kiki's head wasn't in the shipment and so on, but I'm really hoping everything goes smooth this time, because it looks like it will be here just in time for me to finish up my current customer work and have time for a face up.

I've been doing a lot of research and the only difference between 1940's make up and 1950's make up seems to be the eyeliner.  Everything else is pretty much the same.  I'm still going with the pattern art girl in mind from this Anne Adams pattern catalogue picture:

Vintage Retro Pattern Models

I've looked at the 'vintage' and 'pin-up' girl dolls that sometimes show up, I can't even remember the company that made them, and they seem a bit too harsh, too clownish even without face ups, for what I want. That permanent sucked in cheeks, pinched kissy face look is just--annoying.  Not only that but they are still in the 'fashion doll' size range and I want a 1/3 doll, big enough for me to really work with for design elements.

I'm not too worried about the fit this time, not like with that poor Alice head from Doll Love.  Kiki's Only Doll head fits perfectly, so this one should fit Jiji.  As for the color match, I'm not worried about that either.  I'm pretty happy with how Kiki's Only Doll head matches her Dragon Doll skin color and I found that it just takes a light wash of color over the first sealing coat to match a resin color if the difference isn't insane.  It's just like putting on base make up.

So, I hope to have her by the end of this month!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Commission: 2 MiniFee A line Modified Kimono for Spookyboo

This will be the updating report on Spookymoon's commission. 

Customer wants: Two modified kimono for an MSD MiniFee A line girl, as shown, but longer.  
Time desired: 2 - 3 weeks.  Due: March 04, 2013 (probably sooner, but the fabric was delayed).

customer provided image unknown credit

Feb 11, 2013  Fabric has arrived!  

Friday, February 1, 2013

Commission: 72 cm Soom Idealian Hakama Set for Youkaimoon

This will be the updating report for Youkaimoon's (on Den of Angels) commission

Customer wants a Man's formal Hakama set.

Sample of my Hakama set on Deviant Art

Time desired: 5 - 6 weeks.  Absolute deadline March 20, expected to be done sooner. 
Fabric is new, and reused vintage garments.