Wednesday, January 16, 2013

YoSD Rennaissance Costume Commission for IPLemons: Complete

Sometimes, online user names can be rather funny, no? Anyway, this is an updating report post for IPLemon's (through Den of Angels market place) commission for a YoSD Rennaissance Costume.  I find this is the best way to work long distance.

This is the picture the customer provided and I'm working from: specifically the tunic, tights (pants), and adding a vest.

Jan 16, 2013  Fabric prepped, pattern drafting, pattern lay out. 

Fabric was washed, dried, and steam pressed to preshrink it.  Pattern drafted, laid out and pinned, adjustments made for a more full 'skirt' on the tunic.  As agreed, the tights are now slim pants, long enough to tuck into shoes, with an elastic waist.  Because this is crinkle cloth, I took note of which way the fabric expanded when ironed and used that as the width of the pants so that when they are washed they will tighten up and be just a bit stretchy in the width.  The dark brown strip of fabric is for the belt.  I'm still looking at the thread I have in stock and bought one spool today that I left in my purse. >.>;;  My YoSD, Sakuranbo is for proportion.  The remaining fabric is there.  Patches for the knees and elbows will be made from the bits left after cutting out the garment pieces.  I'll be hand sewing the patches on for an authentic look.  Because a YoSD is so small, I'll be using less grommets for the lacing up the front.  I looked for some bronze grommets today but the local Michael's was stripped again, no gold, no bronze, so I'll be using a neutral pewter color grommet.  The vest will be lined with the same stripes and have grommets and lacing, too. Too see the full size photo, right click and open in a new tab or window.  And that's it for now. ^_^

Jan 17, 2013 Very Rough test fitting, marking for patches, etc.  
The proportions are good, the pants inseam is temporarily basted to mark for the patches, and it looks like a good half inch for all the hems will do it.  

Jan 18, 2013  No photos today.  
Everything is full of pins. It looks like a pin cushion.  
The vest is done except for the grommets, the shirt is half done (sleeves, patches and grommets to go) and the pants are done except for the patches.  I decided to make sure of the position of the patches because of the way doll joints expand the arms and legs.  Because I'm hand sewing them on for that "mended" look, it's better to sew them on with the garment on the doll so I know exactly where the bent joint will be under the patch.  

Jan 19, 2013  Update without so many pins.  
All down to the hand sewing to be done, now.  Hems, belt ends (will match original picture), patches, grommets and tie strings estimated to be completely finished Monday.  ^_^  Poor thing looked like a voodoo doll yesterday.  The colors aren't so great in the second photo, everything is under un-natural lighting.  

01/20/2013  Finished.
I haven't pressed in the soft folds in the side of the tunic yet because I always wash the finished garments in hypo-allergenic laundry soap, let it dry in a closed room, and then press and pack the garments up for shipping in a plastic bag with packing tissue.  I'll put up a layout of the clothes on the tissue wrap they are packed in tomorrow.  So right now, the tunic is pushing up his vest. I'm leaving a good length of faux leather jewelry making cord and not the best tier of bows. >.>;;  According to the measurements, the doll these are made for has .5 cm shorter arms, a 1 cm bigger hip, and 1 cm shorter height measure than my Doll Love Linna.  I left the pants edged and un-hemmed so they could mimic tights when the doll has shoes on with out the bulk of the hem.  If IPLemons want's the hem, I'll find out when she gets back to me. ^_^  I'm looking forward to seeing the outfit on her doll.  I love the color co-ordination and it's sort of cute and fun that my Sakuranbo's eyes match the outfit.  As always, right click and open in a new tab or window to see the very large photos. 

ball joint doll custom sewing
I tucked the strings in his shirt.  The neck and grommets look crooked, but you'll see in the 
flat photos, everything lines up. ^_^ 

Believe me this will look much better when 
it's pressed. O_o  I love linen, but it has a mind 
its own.  On the other hand, once you shape it with 
a steam iron, it looks fabulous. 

Jan 21, 2013 Ready for Shipping
The pleats in the side are lightly steamed in, everything is pressed and ready to go.  You can see the crinkle cloth for the mock tights has gone back to it's 'crinkle' and will stretch to fit over the doll's legs.  After a while the crinkle effect wears off the fabric, which is why I made them with the crinkles pressed out.  Because the fabric was all pre-shrunk, this will not effect the fit.  All garments can be hand washed and hung dry (out of the sun!) without running colors or shrinkage. Right click and open in a new window, and you will see that the slightly off look of the tunic grommets is because of the way the fabric is laying.  I'm very obsessive about things lining up, so it just screams at me.  But it's an optical illusion.  I measured. I'll just stop fussing now. >.>;;  Go look. 

I'm hoping that the owner will let me have photos of the outfit on her doll to post here.  ^_^ 

Over all, I really enjoyed this project. The customer's color sense, and the time period, one I hadn't worked with before, were a delight.  I'm very pleased with how it came out and I hope IPLemons is, as well.  Thank you for allowing me to make your doll's outfit! ^_^ 

Jan 31, 2013: Transaction complete, customer's order shipped. 

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